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Paladin Took II

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Paladin Took II was the thirty-first Thain of the Shire. Paladin was the only son of Adalgrim Took and his unnamed wife and the brother of Esmeralda Took. Paladin married Eglantine Banks and had four children: Pearl, Pimpernel, Pervinca, and Peregrin Took.


Early lifeEdit

Born in 2943 3A, Paladin was known to be a direct descendent of Gerontius Took, but not in a direct line. During his early life, Paladin worked as a farmer, farming the lands around Whitwell near Tuckborough. Eventually, Paladin became Thain.

Battle of BywaterEdit

On October 5, 2990 3A, Paladin never agreed with Lotho Sackville-Baggins' attempt to take over the Shire as he believed that if anyone were going to the "Chief" it should be the legitimate Thain of the Shire, therefore Paladin and the other Tooks stood up to Lotho, Bill Ruffin, and his Ruffians. The Tooks hid in their deep dwellings of Great Smials, and the ruffians could not get them, and if any ruffians were found in the Tookland they were shot and killed, an act which led the ruffians to become harsher. Paladin participated in the Battle of Bywater and commanded the remainder of his troops cleaning up the area south of the village.

War of the RingEdit

When Sauron was planning to unleash chaos throughout the corners of Middle-earth, Paladin and his family joined the Shire Company under the leadership of Will Whitfoot. After joining, Paladin was promoted to "Captain of the Shire Company" since he was a skilled and noble leader during the battle of Bywater. He received a Barrow-blade from the Maiar Tom Bombadil and moved down south with the company.

Upon arriving to Gondor, Paladin fought in the Battle of Pelennor Fields against a number of orcs that were retreating. After the battle ended, Paladin helped gather the wounded and brought them to Minas Tirith. While he was there, he and his family reunited with Pippin. Later, Paladin and his family fought in the Battle of Morannon against the forces of Mordor, giving Frodo a chance to destroy the One Ring. Paladin survived the battle and attended the coronation of Aragorn, who became the King of Gondor.

Fourth AgeEdit

Returning to the Shire, Paladin and his wife lived the remained of their lives throughout the Fourth Age. He passed away in 45 4A.

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