He is not a pleasant fellow, no. To bother him at the forge would be most unwise, as he is then more likely the cut out your tongue than answer your question. That's just how he is, I suppose. Still, he is a good man, and will gladly lend his hammer when the time comes. Before I forget; to not offer him food, his appetite is ravenous.


Olethros, was a Maiar who had been present in Middle Earth since the First Age. A master craftsman, Olethros chose to focus on his work rather than bother himself with the events of the world. He was also known as Lithornalion (his original name), Vokunatun (by the dwarves), The Black Iron, Gift-Giver, and Iron-Hand.


Olethros is described as being a tall (6.2), wide man with an impressive physique; possessing broad shoulders and thick muscles. His hair is thick, black and long, left do drape in front of his face. The craftsman also has a thick beard, one that seems to grow past his stomach. Olethros's eye color is never mentioned.

When at the forge, he is dressed in a blacksmith outfit. At other times he appears in a set of light armor, covered in a black robe.




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