Odo Proudfoot
Odo Proudfoot
Biographical Information
Other namesProudfeet
Date of birthTA 2904
Date of deathFO 5
Physical Description
CultureHarfoots (Shire-hobbits)
Hair colorBrownish gray
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
FamilyProudfoot family
ParentageBodo and Linda Proudfoot
SpouseUnnamed wife
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorNoel Appleby

Odo Proudfoot, nicknamed Proudfeet, was the son of Bodo and Linda Proudfoot, the descendant of Balbo Baggins, and the cousin of Bilbo Baggins. Married to an unnamed woman, he had a son named Olo and later a grandson, Sancho Proudfoot.



Odo attending Bilbo's birthday.

Odo was born in the year TA 2904 in the Shire. After turning eight, the land was invaded by a group of Goblins that attempted to take over and Odo became really terrified. His parents fought and died to protect their son from been harmed, and Odo would be raised by his relatives. Over the years, Odo would sometimes hang out with his cousin when he was free from doing chores and would wonder through the woods of Eastfarthing.

Sometime in the summer time of the year TA 2941, Odo went to the Green Dragon Inn market where he was looking for things to buy while his cousin was trying to hide after his encounter with Gandalf the Grey. On September 22, TA 3001, Odo was invited by his cousin to attend his 111th birthday, a celebration with gifts and plenty to eat and drink. When Gandalf returned to the Shire on the day of Bilbo's party, Odo was chatisized by his wife for enjoying Wizard's Fireworks as he was labeled as the disturber of the peace, and his role during the party is the same.

Later that night, Odo and his family were guests at Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party. He was present when Bilbo gave a birthday speech, and Odo followed this from his table - on which he had taken off his feet, which he, matching the surname, was very proud. At the beginning of the speech, Odo became annoyed when Bilbo used the incorrect plural of his family name: Proudfoots instead of the correct Proudfeet. When Bilbo disappeared using his Magic Ring, Odo took his feet off the table and stamped on the ground in shock.

When the War of the Ring began in TA 3002, in which the Dark Lord Sauron was preparing to unleash darkness and war across Middle-earth, Odo and his wife refused to volunteer in the Hobbitry-in-arms led by Paladin Took II. After his son Olo went with the company, Odo took care of Sancho during the war. The war ended when Olo was among those killed, which left him devastated. However, he was very proud when he learned how his son fought with honor. He passed away in FO 5, the fifth year of the Fourth Age.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the first and third movies of Peter Jackson's Film Trilogy, Odo was portrayed by Noel Appleby.

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