Nestarion and Eleniel
Biographical Information
Other namesFaenethen ( Young Souls )

Celuion ( Nestarion )

Celuiel ( Eleniel )
TitlesPrinces of Ailinosto
Position3rd and 4th heirs
LocationAudulë, Ailinosto
LanguageSindarin and Quenyan
BirthFA 548
DeathSA 246 (aged 285)
The Brown Lands
Notable forTheir short lives
HouseHouse of Maedhros
ParentageCarnadhiel and Vanimon
SiblingsVaeril and Veryan
Physical Description
GenderMale ( Nestarion ) Female ( Eleniel )
Height5'7 ft
Hair colorGolden Blonde
Eye colorGreen
Nestarion and Eleniel were the second twins of Vanimon and Carnadhiel of Ailinosto, born in FA 548 in Audulë. Their lives were extremely short, due to the thing that they died in SA 246 at the age of 285. 


Early yearsEdit

Nestarion and Eleniel were born during the spring of FA 548. This is why they were named Celuion and Celuiel, or " son and daughter of spring ". Both of them were raised in the court, away from their family members such as Maedhros himself, who Carnadhiel refused to see. Their older twins, Vaeril and Veryan, choosed to raise them on their own, teaching them how read, write, play music and fight. Nestarion and Eleniel were admirative to their older brothers, especially Vaeril, who was much more than a mentor for them. Vaeril was a brother, a figure and also a friend for the twins. Vanimon choosed to take care of them both, a thing he didn't do when his first children were younger, sometimes choosing to quit the court to spend some time with his children until his own death in the middle of SA 1. 

Leaving safe and sound Edit

The twins never knew what it was to fight against the evil until the War of Sadness. They were kept away by Carnadhiel who choosed to avoid them from taking place into a fight because of their young ages. Findur, the royal councelor, was named to rule the realm during Carnadhiel's missingness. When Vaeril came back, alone, holding the broken Elanya and the helmet of Veryan, Eleniel and Nestarion understood that he was going to be the king of Ailinosto even while knowing anything about it as what he told them when they were children. The tinws assisted to Vaeril's coronation in SA 245 before leaving one year later, thinking that an exile would be the best thing for them, scared about how their brother would rule their country. During their exile to the Southern Eregion, in the Brown Fields, Eleniel and Nestarion got caught by orcs who slained both of them and left them dead in the middle of the fields, leaving Vaeril in despair after finding both of them with his patroll in the fields. Then, they were named the Faenethen, or Young Souls, because of their young age when they died. 

Trivia Edit

The models used for these two characters are Bruce Machado for Nestarion and Gaia Weiss for Eleniel. 

Facts Edit

  • Although the twins barely knew Maedhros, both of them never knew that they were the descents of Fëanor. 
  • Noone ever knew why they had blond hair. It was comming from their links with their grand-mother Elarinya, or their aunt Estelwen, who both had blond hair. 
  • Nestarion and Eleniel never saw any other race than Elves during their short lives.

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