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Near Harad
Background information
Type Kingdom
Location South of Harondor, East of Umbar
Capital Amrûn
Founded/Built Possibly in the First Age
Ruler Lord of Near Harad
Other Information
Other names Near Harad, Korb Taskral
Inhabitants Haradrim
Spoken languages Near Haradric Tongue

Near Harad was a large area of north Haradwaith that was in constant rivalry with the Kingdom of Gondor. Most of Near Harad was made up of desert, leading to most settlements being to the north away from the Dune Sea.

History Edit

During the Kin-Strife, the realms of Near Harad (Joined then in a 'Kingdom') joined the Line of Castamir in their war against the Line of Eldacar. One of Castamir's emissaries was of Near-Haradric decent and was able to convince the lords of Near Harad to join his master's course with ease. Secretly the men of Near Harad were keen on anexing the lands of Ithilian for many of its desired resources, however due to the Kin-Strife they were unable to do so in the foreseable future. In spite of this, Castamir proposed that trade routs can be opened between the Realms of Near Harad, of which has never happened before.

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