Place in Arda
Aliases The land of last Ñoldors
Built by Carnadhiel
Realm Ailinosto
Capital Audulë ( Royal Capital )
Lord Carnadhiel ( FA 125 - SA 420 )

Findur ( SA 420 - SA 425 ) Vaeril ( SA 425 - TA 567 )

Type Elven Land
Lifespan Early SA to TA 567

 Nénharda was a region created by Carnadhiel during the years SA 100. It was a region created only by the queen's greed and desire to make her land more powerfull. Ailinosto , which was a realm, was then extremely known for it position, and Audulë was considered like to be a great capital. However, after her death, Vaeril had to deal with conflicts and conclued that the region of Nénharda would be erased from the maps once he would pass away to make his allies live in a better condition. Nénharda was extremely rich and friendly, unions were extremely known there because of the extreme peace of this land. Nénharda, due to the thing that it was linked to Vaeril's death, was erased in TA 567 after the kings death during the Lanthir Auth.

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