Gundabad orc
Mountain Orcs

Misty Mountains, Mount Gundabad, Dol Guldur

Average height

Between 5-7'

Skin color

Black, gray, tan, khaki

Hair color



Tall, Muscular, Strong


Azog, Bolg, Fimbul, Yazneg, Narzug, Urzog, Mauthak


Mountain Orcs, also known as Orcs of the Mountain, were a sub-race of Orcs that lived in the Misty Mountains.


Second AgeEdit

Some time during the Second Age, the Mountain Orcs, as well as other Orc sub-races, survived the destruction of Angband and were forced to wander the Northern Waste and find a new home. This was when they attacked the mountain and took it from the Dwarves.

Third AgeEdit

In the year TA 2790, two tribes of Mountain Orcs; the Gundabad and Guldur Orcs managed to reclaim the ancient dwarf kingdom of Moria.

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