Also Known As
Morag Valarth was a mysterious being who lived deep under Middle-Earth until about year 221 Third Age, when he was discovered by a group of orks venturing into the caves of Krazgarith.


Morag Valarth appeared as a tall, cloaked and hooded figure with eyes like red pinpricks of light.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nothing about Morag Valarth's personality or traits is known at this time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about his powers and abilities aside from what the surviving orks saw. The being appeared before the orks and seemed to give off an aura of terror causing them to freeze with fear. It also had the ability to cause great pain in whatever he touched and was able to kill most of the orks in this fashion. When the rest attempted to run, it disappeared into a cloud of smoke and reappeared further along the cave, killing all but three orks in the process.


Morag Valarth was seen wearing a symbol on his cloak, indicating that he was possibly a member of a very old order, The Relinquished, that includes Morag Lithosa and his brother Myran.

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