The Middle Earth is a large world...

To prevent chaos, I decide to divide the world into "Continents", "Lands", "Regions", Districts and Counties.

All counties have a number code, and from it it can be guessed where the county is.


Here is a short overview of the numerical system:

0**** Northwestern Middle Earth Edit

00*** Lindon Edit

01*** Eriador Edit

010**Arthedain Edit

011** Cardolan Edit

012**Rhudaur Edit

013**Angmar Edit

014**Forochel Edit

015** Eregion Edit

016**Dunland Edit

017**Enedwaith Edit

018**Hithaeglir Edit

02***Gondor Edit

020**Anórien Edit

021**Ithilien Edit

022**Lebennin Edit

023**Belfalas Edit

024**Lamedon Edit

025**Rohan Edit

026**Anfalas Edit

027**Andrast Edit

03***Rhovanion Edit

030**Lórien Edit

031**Nan Anduin Edit

032**Mirkwood Edit

033**Grey Mts, Erebor and Iron Hills Edit

034** Barding Reach+ Gramavuld Edit

035** Ehwathrumavuld Edit

036** Dorwinion Edit

037** Sagathavuld Edit

038** Dor Rhúnen Edit

04*** Mordor Edit

040**Gorgoroth Edit

041**Udún Edit

042**Nurn Edit

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