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Melilot Brandybuck

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Melilot Brandybuck was a Hobbit of the Shire.


Melilot was born in 2985 3A and was the youngest child of Marmadas Brandybuck. Melilot's siblings were called Merimas and Mentha. She was a third cousin of Meriadoc Brandybuck.

On September 12, 3001, she was a guest at the farewell party of Bilbo Baggins. At Bilbo's 111th birthday party, Melilot Brandybuck and Everard Took began to dance the Springle-ring on a table when they mistakenly thought Bilbo's speech was over.

War of the RingEdit

During the War of the Ring, Melilot and her siblings joined the Shire Company under the command of Will Whitfoot. She was considered to be way to young since she was only sixteen. Melilot refused to stay behind since she was very fond of adventures and was willing to fight against Sauron's forces and put an end to the dark lord's reign. As she arrived to Gondor, she was among those that witnessed a a huge battle going on. When the Army of the Dead arrived, Melilot killed about four orcs that were retreating from the battle. She was happy to see her cousin Merry, who was injured after the battle.

Melilot was very fond when she was inside the city of Minas Tirith. She had never a city that was so large in Middle-earth. A day later, Melilot participated in the final battle against the forces of evil. While fighting, Melilot was beaten to the ground by an orc and was about to meet her end until her siblings saved her. She watched in horror when they were both slain in the battle. After Sauron's defeat, Melilot and cousins mourned the lost of Merimas and Mentha and buried them in the fields of Pelennor. She was later present at the coronation where Aragorn was made the King of Gondor and Arnor.

Fourth AgeEdit

At the start of the Fourth Age, Melilot travelled to Gondor once every summer and explore the vast places in the land. She eventually married after returning home and had two sons and two daughters. She passed away in 104 4A.