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The Mayor of the Shire is the leader of the Shire, first after The Shire was founed in 950 in the Second Age, first Metclom Brandybuck. The most recent is James Took, first serving in 1541.

List of MayorsEdit

Name Year first served Year last served Terms served
Metclom Brandybuck 951 (Second Age) 959 1
Shaurn Sackville-Baggins 960 974 2
Oclor Took 975 996 4
Miqure Proudfoot I 997 1004


Shauron Proudfoot 1005 1019 2
Bento Baggins 1020 1076 9
Miqure Proudfoot II 1077 1112 6
Mentlo Goodbodies 1113 1218 20?
Shento Brandybuck 1219 1226 1
Serclon Hornblowers 1226 1233 1
Balbo Baggins 1233 1443 (died in office, oldest living hobbit) 31
Sclenbers Boffins 2 (Third age, after The Shire War) 9 1
Sheclonse Goodbodies 2000 (after The Second Shire War) 2014 2


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