Margrid Helga Authur
Biographical Information
Other namesChild of Clouds
TitleQueen of Paviran
LanguageRohirric and Westron
Date of birthTA 290
Year ascended to the throneTA 309
Date of deathTA 312
Physical Description
CultureRohirric and culture of Rhovanion
Height5'6 ft
Hair colorGold
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorBeige
ParentageLord Thrym and Lady Reifa
SiblingsVegar Thuronen
SpouseKing Theodonem of Rohan
ChildrenTheroden I and Olawyn
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
Magrid was a woman from the north, daughter of Lord Thrym and Lady Reifa in the Northern part of the futur place where the city Dale will be settled, in TA 290. She was married to the king Theodonem II of Rohan and mother of Theroden I and Olawyn.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Margrid was born in TA 290 in the north, daughter of a noble couple from a city which has been destroyed in the late TA 800. Due to her noble education, Margrid was forced to live away from other children and was harshly raised by her parents who almost mistreated her to make her behave like a lady. Kings of north saw Margrid like a potential high lady due to her extreme beauty and faith. Margrid was one of the rare cases of blond women in her land where most of humans were brown, chastain or ginger. Even her older brother, Vegar Thuronen, was a brown haired man.

Education and marriage Edit

At the age of ten, Margrid is sent to the royal court of the king Etheard where she would receive music and art lessons under the care of the queen herself. The etiquette forced her not to touch to any weapons around her, she only thing she had the right to manipulate was a simple knife. Margrid knew how to play music very young and loved violin and flute since the first try.

At the age of eighteen, Margrid returned to her family to assist to a proposal seance with men of other lands. She then met the king Theodonem of Rohan with who she started to speak quickly even without knowing him, using all of her charms on him. Theodonem fell in love, asking her parents if he can marry her. in TA 308, Margrid got married to Theodonem and the next year was crowned Queen of Rohan.

Children and death Edit

Margrid gave birth to a boy in TA 310, she called him Theroden herself to honor her husband's family. Later on, Margrid felt weaker, she suffered from several sicknesses and died by giving birth to her daughter Olawyn at the age of 22.

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