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Mako Drughu is an 18 year old Human male. When he was younger his parents were killed by Uruks when he was just 6 years old. He was taken by the Uruks to be a slaved, but was then rescued and raised by the Rangers of Gondor.


Mako is an 18 year old young man with brown skin and dark brown dread locks down to his shoulders. He has an athletic build. He wears a purple jacket with no undershirt. He also wears white and black pants with a purple cape type fabric tied around his waist.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a Ranger of Gondor, Mako exhibits great strength, speed and resilience. His training experience has provided him with a reasonable degree of stealth capability. This allows him to utilize small walls, corners, and the foliage of thick bushes to silently and swiftly eliminate his enemies without being detected.

He is a skilled swordsman after many years of training, and he has honed his skill in the use of swords and daggers. He is able to wield his weapons with great dexterity, and is capable of performing various finishers, including stealth and aerial take-downs. He possesses great skill in open combat and can easily engage multiple opponents in battle with incredible force and brutality.

He has proven to be a skilled free-runner, able to sprint and vault across the remnants of Mordor with great agility and maneuverability. This ability allow him to quickly scale large buildings and cross beams.

After being tutored by Torvin, Mako has also become a skilled hunter, able to fend off against the many dangerous and deadly beasts of Mordor, including Ghûls, Caragors and Graugs.

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