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Many tales have been told of the ever-menacing Black Gate, gateway to the land of Mordor, but there are more adventures still unwritten. We'd like to invite you to join with other Middle-earth fans to create an original story set in "The Dark Land" using Wikia's new interactive mapping feature!

Set in an impregnable stone and iron wall stretching from the Mountains of Ash in the north, to the Ephel Duath in the west, the Black Gate was built by Sauron during the Second Age. And there it would stand until the last epic battle of the War of the Ring.

You know the stories of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but what could've happened in the Black Gate's shadow during the 60 years between these tales?

This is your chance to chronicle the adventures of this land during this unexplored era.




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  • Lilacsong1


    April 5, 2018 by Lilacsong1

    My fanfic character (Legolas's sister) is going to have a sisterhood of powerful maidens. My canon characters in it includes Tauriel, Arwen, and maybe Galadriel. My fanfic ones might be Kili and Fili's sister and Aragorn's daughter. It's still a wo…

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  • Nienor Umarth

    new fan fiction series

    December 18, 2017 by Nienor Umarth

    Hi! I'm going to be writing a new fan-fiction story that takes place thirteen years after the war of the ring. It will kind of be based on  A Series Of Unfortunate Events and anyone  who has read the stories will probably see the connection. ( Oh, a…

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  • Netteweb

    House Cleaning

    April 30, 2016 by Netteweb

    Diyarbakır Cami TEMİZLİĞİ  ibadethane TEMİZLİĞİ Topluma açık Olan A.Ş. temizliğin bilhassa importance taşıdığı manevi toplanma Alanları oldugu icin çok Daha Büyük öneme Sahip OLUP Işıltı diyarbakır temizlik Firmamız Yıllardır camilerimize en iyi Hiz…

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  • Netteweb

    • 13 Şubat 2016 Motor Soruları Çöz
    • 13 Şubat 2016 Trafik Sorular Çöz
    • 13 Şubat 2016 İlkyardım Soruları Çöz

    • 12 Aralık 2015 Ehliyet Sınavı İlkyardım Soruları
    • 22 Mart 2015 Ehliyet Sınavı Trafik Soruları
    • 10 Ekim 2015 Ehliyet Sınavı Motor Soruları
    • 29 Ağustos 2015 …

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  • Netteweb

    Ev Temizliği

    April 30, 2016 by Netteweb

    Bayan  Diyarbakır Ev Temizlik Şirketleri   Olarak 7/24 bütün, Ekipmanlar A.Ş. bütün, temizlik malzemeleri Dahil Diyarbakır Genelinde Hizmet Vermektedir. Malzemeler Konusunda hicbir şeye karışmanıza gerek kalmadan A.Ş. Verilen fiyatın Dışında ekstra …

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Did You Knows

From our current fanon information.

  • ...That Bakhira was the only immortal Holy Dragon ever lived?
  • ...That Kash-Nar was born in the Blue Mountains?
  • ...That a ranger called Eradan fought at Osgiliath, Minas Tirith, and the Black gate and survived?
  • ...That the Dark Elf forces forced the dwarves, hobbits, and men into exile?
  • ...That Dagthalion is one of the Ithilien Rangers under the command of Faramir and survived in the War of the Ring?
  • ...That there are other shieldmaidens besides Eowyn and Morwen?
  • ...That there are other well-known elven maidens besides Arwen and Galadriel?
  • ...That King Chadmire III was a Nazgul?