''Are you one of the Elves who hates our kind?"

Arbor elf mithren by piky-d5d3acn

Mageth when he was helping the Dunedain.

"Not at all, although I remember a time when I did, along with all of my kindred. That time has passed, however. I now realize that shape and voice does not determine character." 

Bolin and Mageth talking whilst in the Lone-lands.

Mageth Vorncollo, also known simply as Mageth or as Vidrilhis Vanyar name, was one of the Eldar who was born during the Great Journey and traveled to Valinor as a child, but left there to live in Middle-Earth, where he remained for most of his life.

Early LifeEdit

Vidril was born during the Great Journey to his mother, Nidril , and an anonymous father. He was just a child when he made his way across most of Arda to live in Valinor, where he remained during the Years of the Trees. Along the way, Vidril grew to love Middle-Earth, often becoming sad when he had to leave certain places to continue the journey. Despite this optimism, he was known to be a shy child, and became terrified when the influence of Melkor grew over the land.

Vidril made no friends along the Journey. This was not due to a lack of other children, as there were thousands of children alongside the hundreds of thousands of Elves. Instead, it was due to his love of nature over his fellow kindred, the only exception being his mother. One creature he grew to love was the eagle, many of which flew over the Misty Mountains. He was giddy with joy when he first witnessed the Great Eagles of Valinor, and befriended many of Manwe's Eagles during his life in Valinor.

Vidril made a startling discovery during the Vanyar's crossing of Ered Luin. Discovering a cave he stumbled inside and came across the Dwarf kingdom of Nogrod. He accidentally made himself known inside, and soon was surrounded by the strange creatures which were later known as Dwarves. He revealed to the Dwarves his name as he tried to communicate with them (Dwarves only knew Khuzdul at the time) and one of the Dwarves, a miner called Zaghal, revealed his own, comforting Vidril. However, one of King Ingwe's guards then came across the cave as well, and took Vidril back to his mother. It was then that Vidril named the Dwarves 'Gonhirrim', meaning 'masters of stone', a name that the Elves would call them from then on.

Mageth and mother

Mageth at two weeks old with his mother.

Leaving ValinorEdit

"Are you certain you wish to join us?"

"The bliss of Valinor was beautiful to behold, but the light has faded, and I now have a chance to take back the last part of it, alongside my dearest friend."

- Fingon and Mageth discussing the latter's choice to leave Valinor.

Vidril had become enamored by Middle-Earth, and realized that he had a chance of going back there when the Noldor rebelled against the Valar. Without telling his mother, Vidril took the name Mageth in order to blend in with the Noldor and to join them (he was one of very few Vanyar to have black hair instead of golden-blonde, meaning he could blend in further).

He traveled alongside the House of Fingolfin, meaning he travelled across the Grinding Ice and lived in Northern Beleriand for most of the First Age. He developed a friendship with the wardens of Hithlum, who taught him how to use a bow and arrow and noted that he was exceptionally skilled with the weapon, even more so than any of the Noldorin soldiers. For a time, Mageth was tasked with guarding Thorondor, the Lord of the Eagles, after the latter rescued Maedhros from Thangorodrim with the help of Fingon. Mageth and Thorondor started a very close friendship, with Mageth even learning the Eagle's tongue, which in the past had only been known to the Eagles themselves, the Vala and some of the Maia.

Mageth decided to fight alongside the Noldor in multiple battles, including the Dagor Aglareb (Glorious Battle) and the Siege of Angband, witnessing first hand as Fingolfin rode to the gates of Angband to fight Morgoth. He was forced to flee with the rest of the Noldorin forces during the Dagor Bragollach (Battle of Sudden Flame), and became a traveller in Beleriand, mostly settling in the woodlands of Taur-im-Duinath in Southern Beleriand. It was during this time that he lost connection with the Valar, a connection that other Vanyar held dearly. The only two Vala he still prayed to were Varda and Yavanna. He prayed to Varda for he loved the stars, as they were his first sight after his birth. He prayed to Yavanna for she created the trees of Middle-Earth which later became his home. He also started to pray to Aule for skill in smithing and craftwork, and to Tulkas and Orome for strength, vigilance and skill in hunting and tracking. The prayers were answered, and his skills improved.
Mageth in Taur-im-Duinath

Mageth lurking in the forests of Taur-im-Duinath near the end of the First Age.

Discovery of galvorn and becoming VorncolloEdit

"I will not leave while the kindred of Fingon remains. He was my dearest friend, and I will do all I can for his son.”

- Mageth to Cendrolom on the slopes of Ered Luin, when the Second Age began.

Inside the forest, Mageth discovered the rare metal galvorn, formally used by the Dark Elf Eol to fashion two magnificent longswords and near impenetrable armour. Mageth decided to do the same, creating a bastard sword and a dagger, along with creating mail, bracers and greaves for himself. He donned a black cloak, deciding to travel eastward with his new equipment and to leave Beleriand and it's wars, which was a good idea, as a matter of months later the War of Wrath started, tearing Beleriand apart and killing hundreds.

During his descent of the Blue Mountains, earthquakes caused by the War of Wrath trapped Mageth in a cavern-like pit in the rocks, dislocating his shoulder during the fall. The next day, he was rescued by a group of Dwarves from the city of Nogrod, who had fled westward when the War began. With the Dwarves were also Elves, who were also fleeing into Eriador. Mageth had spawned a hatred for the Dwarves after Doriath was sacked by the Dwarves of Belegost, but he soon realized that all of the Dwarves should be judged for the actions of a finite group.

Meeting an Elf by the name of Cendrolom, Mageth found he was not alone in his choice of what could be called self-exile. Cendrolom, originally a Noldorin of Turgon in Vinyamar, abandoned his kindred and instead became a servant of Círdan the Shipwright. The two became close friends, and travelled to Lindon together.

When the Second Age began, Mageth stayed in Lindon for some time, joining the Elven rangers in the forests around the Grey Havens, who served as wardens for the great harbour. He earned the name Vorncollo from the other rangers, which meant black-cloak, and was soon promo
Rangers of Mithlond

The Rangers of Lindon.

ted through the ranks due to his exceptional skills with a sword, a bow and with stealth. During his time in Mithlond, Mageth became Captain-General of the Rangers, and soon earned himself a seat on the White Council, meeting with Elrond, Galadriel and High King Gil-galad multiple times in Lindon.

During this time, Mageth met many other Elves like himself who had joined the Rangers to abandon their former lives of being outcasts. Aside from Cendrolom (who was Mageth's second-in-command and closest advisor), there was also Lorael, a female Elf who had left her former love to die at the hands of Morgoth's Orcs in order to save herself, and Barason, a stubborn Sindarin Elf who hated the Race of Men and abandoned his lord, King Thingol, when the latter let Men stay in his halls.

While in MIthlond, Mageth recieved a message from Elrond, who was in Eregion and was working as ruler of an Elvish settlement called Gwingris. Finding that the message was urgent, Mageth left for Eregion, travelling for two weeks on foot. Arriving in Gwingris, Mageth met with Elrond and also Galadriel, who was also present. Elrond informed Mageth that orcs had ambushed a scout party, with orders from a captain of Sauron. Elrond and Galadriel revealed all they knew about Annatar, an apparent emissary of the Valar who had made Rings for Men and Dwarves with the help of the smiths of Eregion. Elrond tasked Mageth with investigating Annatar and discovering whether he was Sauron in disguise.

Mageth called his rangers eastward when Sauron invaded Eregion and laid waste to the Noldor settlements across the region. He and his rangers decided to use guerilla tactics against the forces of Mordor, neutralizing entire legions and delaying Sauron's forces by some time. By the time that Sauron had pushed the rangers back, Gil-galad had mustered a force alongside Elendil, King of Arnor and Elrond, Lord of Imladris. Mageth and his rangers travelled ahead of the Last Alliance, destroying any enemy encampments along the way that planned to ambush the main force. When they finally reached Mordor, Mageth fought on the frontlines, his black mail and weapons striking fear into the Orcs of Mordor. He witnessed the 'death' of Sauron as Elrond took Isildur to Mount Doom, where the One Ring could have been destroyed. After speaking with Elrond for the last time in years and paying his respects to Gil-galad, Mageth returned to Lindon with his rangers, many of whom had been killed.

When the Third Age began, Mageth decided to leave the rangers of Lindon, instead becoming a wanderer and protector of settlements throughout Eriador, mostly the towns of Bree and Trestlebridge and the Dunedain encampment of Esteldin. He became good friends with the people of Arthedain, and the Dunedain rangers following the destruction of Arnor by the Witch King of Angmar. He befriended the Rangers of the North, although he was forced to watch and do nothing as their mortality took them away from him. As such, he became a pessimist over time, and also became very seclusive.

During this time, Mageth met Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond, who Mageth had seen as children when he came to Imladris to meet with Elrond once more during the Third Age. The three Elf warriors soon began working for the Dunedain and their many chieftains, becoming renowned warriors and even being given the ranks of rangers themselves. NEar the end of the Third Age, Mageth met a ranger called Halbarad, who was a close friend of Aragorn, who Mageth was also friends with. At Aragorn's recommendation, the pair went north to Angmar, discovering that Sauron had revived his allies in the North. Were it not for Mageth and Halbarad making it back to Esteldin with the news, the North would have been overrun with Angmarim before the rangers could defend it.

Mageth, Halbarad, Elladan and Elrohir now worked together, mainly in protecting the ancient city of Annuminas from the Angmarim, who had noticed it's many strategic possiblities. For many years before the War of the Ring, the group worked tirelessly to keep Annuminas under control of the Dunedain, mainly operating out of the outpost of Tinnudir to the north. However, when rumours came about that Rohan was being attack by a new foe, Mageth left his comrades and travelled southward to Rohan.

The War of the RingEdit

"I name you Wormtongue, and for the rest of your days name you as a deciever!"

Mageth naming Grima 'Wormtongue' for the first time before Theoden's court.

Arriving in the Gap of Rohan, Mageth was almost killed by a group of Rohirrim, who mistook his black armour for that of an Uruk. After realizing he was both an Elf and one of the Dunedain (in title at least) Mageth was taken to Edoras, where he met Prince Theodred, son of Theoden King and Theodred's cousin and closest friend, Eomer. Mageth told the pair that he had come to help the Rohirrim in their fight, and knowing they needed help, the pair accepted.


The armour and steed given to Mageth by Theodred.

For many months, the trio worked alongside each other, protecting the Fords of Isen from Saruman's Uruk-hai. During this time, Mageth also befriended Eomer's sister, Eowyn and also met frequently with King Theoden. While at first Theoden was a reasonable and likable king, his advisor, Grima started to change Theoden's mind on multiple matters. It soon became obvious that Theoden was descending into the web of lies Grima had created, and his deceit was often called out by Mageth and Theodred. It was Mageth who first named Grima 'Wormtongue', an act which had him banished from Edoras, though Theodred was quick to remove the new law.

Once, as he was speaking with Theodred's riders in Edoras, Mageth overheard a Dwarf traveller from Erebor, who was speaking about how he thought he had seen Easterlings massing by the River Running east of Mirkwood. With Rohan's army strengthened by the victories Mageth and Theodred achieved and knowing that the rumours were most likely true, Mageth told Theodred and Eomer he was leaving northward towards Erebor. Saying farewell to the pair, he rode northward during the night with the fastest steed they could spare, a black stallion named Vafral. Donning his galvorn armour and black cloak once more, he made his way to the city of Dale.


The cloak Mageth was given by Theodred and Eomer.

When he arrived in Dale, he found that the Easterlings were massing a few days away from the town. He was able to speak with King Dain Ironfoot, telling him of the threat and insisting that his Dwarven warriors make fortifications around the town and Erebor. Eventually, the King agreed, and the Dwarven masons of the Mountain began building stronger walls and towers around the town. 

Mageth later fought alongside the Men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor when the Easterlings attacked. For about two weeks, the fighting went on, and at one point the Easterlings were at the door of Erebor. King Dain led the charge back through, with Mageth leading the Men of Dale. Mageth later witnessed the death of King Dain at the hands of the Easterling general, who Mageth decaptitated with a single swing of his sword. After the King's death, Mageth helped the two settlements recover from the battle. Mageth was later praised as a hero by the Dwarves and Men, and he was told that he would be free to return to either of the kingdoms at any time, and that he would recieve the best hospitality avaliable.

Mageth travelled South after the War, witnessing King Aragorn II enter Minas Tirith and be crowned King of Gondor and Arnor, the Reunited Kingdom. Mageth later travelled back to Eriador with what remained of the Grey Company, many of whom knew Mageth personally. Mageth helped to bring the body of Halbarad back to Arnor, as the two were good friends during their protection of the North Downs from Orcs, and he was present at the funeral of the Ranger.

Meeting ChellonEdit

"Are you Chellon?"

"If I am, what does that make you?"

"The most intriguing person you will ever meet."

- Mageth and Chellon exchange words in the Prancing Pony. When the Fourth Age began, Mageth was living in Esteldin, helping the Rangers of the North flush out what remained of the Orcs and Angmarim that had once plagued the North Downs and Evendim. During this time, the villages of Combe and Staddle were attacked by brigands under the command of Chief Appleblood, a previously unknown bandit who had appeared to come from thin air. Mageth, hearing of the news, travelled south to answer the calls of the mayor of Bree.

Arriving at the Prancing Pony, Mageth met a tall man in leather armour similar to what the Rangers wore. He revealed himself to be Chellon, a Dunedain ranger who had lived in Bree for many years and had served as one of it's protectors when Mageth travelled to Rohan and Erebor during the War of the Ring. The duo became friends quite early on, with Mageth's pessimistic personality and Chellon's optimistic personality seemingly connecting quite well.

When the duo arrived in Staddle, which was under the control of the Bree town guard, Mageth was forced to kill the sergeant, who revealed himself to be a traitor. Before dying, the sergeant uttered loyalty to Ankar, something that no one had heard before. Mageth later led the defense of the town against the brigands and were able to capture four of them, but they were not any usual brigands. All of them had extremly pale skin, strange tatoos and clothing that looked like something from the east. Mageth decided to travel to Imladris (which had been abandoned after the Sindar left Middle-Earth) in order to search the libraries there, hoping to find something about Ankar.

Meeting Bolin and KashakaEdit

"Do not harm me, and I will not harm you. Who are you, and why are you here?"

Mageth after Bolin threatened to attack him in confusion. After travelling through the Lone-lands and making a hawk named Alca his new pet, Mageth met a Dwarf hunter in the Trollshaws. Bolin was the Dwarf's name, and he was from the Blue Mountains, hunting deer which he could sell in Thorin's Halls. Bolin recounted the story of how about ten 'Easterners' captured him. One of them, a girl named Kashaka, hypnotized him. Kashaka decided to leave Bolin, as he seemed to be useless, but Bolin didn't remember anything until three days later. Mageth realized that Kashaka was one of the prisoners they captured, and decided to abandon his quest, instead returning to Bree to rescue Chellon and possibly the entire town. Bolin, however, stated that he wished to follow, wanting revenge.

When the duo arrived in Bree, it wasn't a good sight. Chellon was stood at the gates, under the control of Kashaka and wanting to capture both Bolin and Mageth so that Kashaka could enslave them as well. Mageth was able to use ancient Vanyar magic in order to break the spell, before venturing into the town to find and eliminate Kashaka whilst Bolin cared for Chellon. Inside the town, Mageth killed one of the four former prisoners before confronting Kashaka inside the Town Hall. Kashaka used a smoke screen, before seemingly vanishing, along with every single person inside the town except Mageth, Bolin and Chellon.

The trio went back to the Prancing Pony, where Mageth and Bolin started to argue over what they should do. Mageth found that he could resist her control, and so wished to find her alone. Bolin wanted to come with him and get revenge, but Mageth wouldn't risk it knowing that Bolin was vulnerable to her hypnosis. At that moment, however, Mageth's life was about to change dramatically. An Elf girl entered the inn, carrying an ornate silver staff which she thought was just a walking staff. She had a very similar hair colour to Mageth, and their eyes were the same. After a long conversation, Mageth found that this girl, who was called Giniriel , was his sister.

Travelling SouthEdit

"Get her on your horse and let us leave here. Hopefully the Dwarf hospitality is better than the Dunlending."

Mageth after  the group decided to travel to Aglarond. Mageth and Bolin told Giniriel of what had happened, and Mageth told the other three of his past. The next day, the group set out a route towards Khand, where they suspected Kashaka had come from and gone to, and set off southwards. First, they travelled through Minhiriath, where they met Brillin, a hobbit who had planned to travel to the Southfarthing and had got very lost. They gave the hobbit a map and a small knife for protection, before continuing on their travel towards Tharbad.

When they reached Tharbad, they found that the town was in chaos. The buildings on the waterfront were ablaze, and according to some guards by the main gate, ten dozen brigands had jumped from ships that were sat in the harbour and had started a battle in the center of town. Bolin, Mageth and Chellon decided to help the town guard fight off the attackers as Giniriel healed the wounded townspeople. Mageth noticed that Kashaka was on the great bridge that spanned the river, and climbed up the mighty bridge. Before he could make it up, however, Kashaka retreated, taunting him as she fled. The townspeople repayed the group for their service with food and supplies (and a new battleaxe for Bolin) before the group left the town, Mageth feeling angry at the fact that Kashaka had escaped him.

When the group reached Dunland, they were ambushed by a group of Dunlendings, who demanded that the travellers left their land. Mageth informed the leader, Anroch, son of Anboch, that they were going straight through the lands and that they would not interfere with their people. Anroch decided to challenge Mageth to a duel, on one condition: if Anroch killed Mageth, the group would leave Dunland and go back to Bree, but if Mageth killed Anroch, they would be free to travel through Dunland and towards Rohan. Despite putting up a good fight, Anroch was eventually killed and his brigands fled into the forests around them.

Travelling to the Dunlending town of Galtrev (which welcomed travellers), the group were attacked by more of Kashaka's men as they talked with the guards of Galtrev at the town gate. It was then revealed that the attack was a hoax, as Giniriel was kidnapped by the guards and they were revealed to be under Kashaka's control. Thanks to Mageth's quick thinking, he was able to make Kashaka (who was present at the fake battle) flee from the town, losing her connection with the thralls and knocking them out cold.

The group rested in Galtrev, before travelling towards the Gap of Rohan. Mageth decided that they should travel to (what was left of) Isengard, which was under the control of Treebeard. When they arrived there, however, the group found that Treebeard would not allow Chellon and Bolin to enter the forest which had grown within Isengard, as Men and Dwarves were known to cut down trees. After the group slept, Chellon and Bolin started arguing with Treebeard, feeling offended that Treebeard was judging them based on what their ancestors had done. With the mood looking grim, the group left Isengard, before looking eastward and deciding to travel to Helms Deep. 

A turn for the worseEdit

"Bring the Dwarves forward, we'll charge under the cover of the arrows."

Mageth during the Battle of the Dust. The group arrived at Aglarond, the Dwarven colony now run by Gimli. Mageth, Bolin and Chellon told Gimli of what they had bee through as Giniriel rested, still recovering from the trauma Giniriel recieved in Galtrev. As they were speaking, a guard told them that an Elf had come to the gates, wearing unusual clothing and asking to speak with the group. Mageth spoke with him, finding him to be an Avari, an East Elf called Fanri. He told Mageth and his company that he was an ally to the Blue Wizards, Alatar and Pallando, who were thought to have died hundreds of years before. However, Fanri came under the control of Kashaka, despite her not being present. Mageth slew him, thinking him to be a spy, only to find that Kashaka was indeed in Helms Deep, breaking into Giniriel's thoughts as she slept. Before Mageth could do anything, Kashaka vanished and took Giniriel with her, leaving behind the group and also Giniriel's staff.

With careful examination, Mageth discovered that the gem that adorned the staff was no other than a Silmaril. However, this discovery was interrupted by the arrival of a courier to the gates, requesting Gimli to travel east to Gondor. Mageth warned Gimli not to go, telling him that the courier was a servant of Kashaka after the messenger left. Minutes later, a band of Rohirrim arrived, telling Gimli that the armies of Gondor had lain waste to Rohan and that King Eomer was missing and most likely dead. Mageth and Gimli prepared a hasty defence which held out for some time, but eventually the vanguard of Dwarf warriors was almost annihilated and the enthralled Gondorians started to attack with siege weapons. It looked as though defeat was near.

At that point, two figures appeared in between the attacking forces and the Deeping wall from thin air, wielding wooden staves and placing an enormous, shining white barrier against the Gondorians. Alongside the wizards were Avari archers and Dwarf warriors wearing armour from the East. Mageth and Chellon ran to the wizards and grabbed onto their hands, before they all vanished along with the Avari and eastern Dwarves. They reappeared in front of Bolin, who was fleeing south through the mountains with the Silmaril. He too grabbed on, and the group reappeared, this time inside a great Dwarven chamber: it was the main meeting chamber of the Dwarf stronghold of Khazikal, a fortress inside the Orocarni to the East.

Mageth, Chellon and Bolin spoke with the Blue Wizards, Alatar and Pallando, learning of what they did during the War of the Ring and the Alliance they had formed with the Easterlings, the Avari and the Dwarf clans of the Orocarni to defeat Kashaka. The Wizards told Mageth that they had spies in Eriador who were tracking their progress, and that Fanri was sent to bring them to the East. They were curious as to how Kashaka took control of Fanri, but more news came: Eriador was falling to Kashaka's armies, and the Grey Havens were now under threat from Kashaka and her cult, the Sands of Ankar.

With Kashaka extending her reach westward, Bolin thought that the Alliance should march west and defeat her before she could destroy Mithlond. Mageth was reluctant to agree, but submitted after Chellon convinced him. It was later revealed by Radagast (who had travelled east to meet the Wizards) that the Valar had sent aid to the Alliance in the form of the Great Eagles, led by their King Thorondor, a personal friend to Mageth during the First Age. Alongside Thorondor came Alca, who was revealed to be an Eagle hatchling, not just a big hawk. After the forces mustered on the plains around Khazikal (the force consisting of Dwarves, Avari and Easterlings), the army marched westward, with the intent of taking Kashaka's forces from behind and defeating her once and for all.

Just after the force had passed the Sea of Rhun, they made a great camp as they rested heavily. One night, a woman robed in white and wearing a hooded cloak of white and gold appeared in the camp. The woman was Giniriel, who had broken from Kashaka's spell and had managed to decieve her, sending her to the Ettenmoors instead of the Grey Havens. Giniriel also revealed that she had travelled to her former home in Emyn Vorn, discovering where she and her mother had lived and finding a letter from the Years of the Trees from a person named Mallien. Mallien was a Maia, brother to Melian the Queen of Doriath, and he was the father of Mageth and Giniriel. With Mageth and Giniriel reunited, the army set out once more, but not before Mageth appointed himself a task: to ask for aid from the Dwarves of Erebor (led by King Thorin III Stonehelm) and the Elves of the Wood of Greenleaves (led by Thranduil).

Mageth rode Thorondor to Erebor, meeting the King of Durin's Folk in front of the gates amid an enormous crowd. Mageth and Thorin III Stonehelm broke into argument, with Mageth calling Thorin a coward and a fool. Thorin argued that Erebor had not been attacked, and so had no part in the war, although it was apparent that many of the Dwarves in the crowd agreed with Mageth instead of Thorin, revealing how unpopular the King really was.

Mageth then flew southwards to meet with Thranduil at the Elven-King's Halls. After a lengthy conversation, Mageth persuaded Thranduil to send his soldiers over the Misty Mountains, telling him to use his soldier's skills in stealth to their advantage. Their job would be to delay Kashaka's forces by killing scouts, setting up barricades and ambush points and creating diversions.

Thorondor had returned to the Alliance to tell them of Thranduil's friendship with them and the news that the Dwarves would not help, but the Eagle returned with tidings of his own, telling Mageth that the army had been ambushed by Elves of Lorien under Kashaka's control, and that her backup forces were marching against them in the Brown Lands. Mageth rode back to the Alliance, finding that the ambush had been repelled but that a larger force was coming their way. However, he was able to take command and lead a counter-offensive well, with minimal casualties and near-total annihilation of the opposing force. Things were looking bright for the Alliance.

Marching into GondorEdit

"We have ridden here to find you, and ask you to travel to Eriador and help the Rangers of the North."

"That is our plan, but first we must liberate Gondor."

Elrohir and Mageth consulting one another, during their meeting in Ithilien. The Alliance marched south past the Mountains of Shadow, meeting an Elvish messenger as they approached Ithilien. The messenger told them that the Elvish colony in Ithilien (led by Legolas Greenleaf) had been attacked by Kashaka's slaves. Mageth led a battalion of 500 Avari warriors to help Legolas and his colony, revealing that the Avari were masters of free-running and movement, even more than the Nandor of old. After the battle, Mageth noticed that Kashaka's enchantment was breaking on many of the Gondorian soldiers who had been captured, a discovery which renewed hope among the soldiers of the Alliance.

Mageth spoke with Legolas, telling him of Kashaka and the Silmaril and requesting his aid. Mageth left Legolas to decide, only to meet two old friends: Elladan and Elrohir, the sons of Elrond Half-Elven. The twins told Mageth that the Dunedain were using guerilla tactics against Kashaka's forces, but their strength was waining. The brothers soon joined the Alliance, but the mood became grim when Legolas revealed that he would not send his soldiers to fight for the Alliance, instead keeping them in Ithilien for defence. Before Mageth left, he gave Legolas a chilling reminder: if the Alliance fell, there would be no one to stop Kashaka from burning his colony to the ground.

The Alliance then marched towards Osgiliath, hoping to find Gondorians there who had broken from the spell. Mageth, Chellon, Elladan and Elrohir went on a scout towards the Great Bridge to see if there were any enemies around, but the only person who left the city was a very distressed Gondorian citizen who had broken from the spell only hours earlier. He told the Three Wizards that Faramir, the Steward of Gondor, had broken from the spell and was currently in charge of the terrified citizens living in Osgiliath. Mageth decided that they should meet with Faramir and find out if he knew anything of importance, and so they crossed the Bridge onto the West Bank of the Anduin. They were inside Gondor.

Inside Osgiliath, Mageth went with Elladan and Elrohir to meet with Faramir, who was struggling to keep control. Meeting the Steward of Gondor in a tower overlooking the River Anduin, they found that Kashaka still partly lingered within him, being able to slowly bring him back into her control. With the help of the Elven brothers, Faramir broke free from Kashaka's grasp and broke into conversation, telling the three Elves that Minas Tirith was still under Kashaka's control, the populace being led by one of Kashaka's generals called Malku.

Giniriel met with the Elves and Faramir inside the tower, revealing that she knew how to use a weapon (an Elvish shortsword from Lindon) due to Kashaka forcing the skills of combat into her mind, as Kashaka wanted to use Giniriel as a weapon. The group later devised a plan to sneak inside Minas Tirith, killing Malku and three other commanders who could not be brought back from the darkness like the rest of Kashaka's thralls. Giniriel would pretend to still be a thrall and kill Malku herself, while Mageth, Elladan, Elrohir and Chellon would lead small squads of Avari warriors into the city to kill the commanders. Mageth handed Giniriel some galvorn mail and a black cloak like his own before they set out, revealing that the armour was destined for another woman which he does not identify nor talk about.

Setting off during the darkest point of night, Giniriel came to the great gates while the others snook to the southern side of the wall, scaling a shortened part of the wall itself. Once inside, the four warriors took their own groups of Avari stealth warriors and set out to kill the commanders. Giniriel came to the Citadel of Gondor, finding Malku waiting for her. After a short fight, Giniriel killed Malku while the others killed the commanders. With Kashaka's influence gone, the populace of the city collapsed into unconsciousness. Alca was then sent by Mageth to tell Thorondor that Minas Tirith had been liberated and that it was time to bring the Alliance to the city.

As the Alliance set themselves up within and around the city, Mageth took Chellon and Giniriel to the Citadel, where they suspected King Aragorn II to be. Bursting in, they found that Aragorn was under Kashaka's spell, and look starved, as though he had been tortured into giving up his will. Mageth was able to put all of his magic into bringing the King out of Kashaka's influence, but fell unconscious himself s a result. Alatar, Elladan and Elrohir then arrived at the Citadel, and the group helped carry Mageth and Aragorn to the Houses of Healing, where Giniriel could work to revive them back into life.

Saving Eomer and EowynEdit

“Kidnaping children from their mothers, burning entire towns into ash... you think that is a laughing matter?”

Mageth to Kashaka during their confrontation in the Eastfold. Giniriel managed to heal Aragorn to a state where he was fairly weak, but was awake and could remember what happened. After speaking to Bolin and Chellon about the rest of the Royal Family, Mageth spotted a trail of dust along the road from Rohan, realizing that a rider was approaching the city. Sending Thorondor to investigate, the Eagle learned that the rider was Jeden, a courier to King Eomer. Jeden was let into the city and told Mageth and Faramir that Eomer was alive and safe, although Kashaka was tracking him down to his current location in Isengard, where he and thirty Rohirrim were being sheltered by the Ents. Mageth sent the Eagles to rescue Eomer and the riders, and the Eagles succeeded.

Taking council with Chellon, Pallando, Eomer and Chakin in the throne room to discuss their next action. Chakin wished to march towards Eriador as quickly as possible, as time was running out. Pallando advised against it, warning that Kashaka was still very powerful. To everyone's surprise, Mageth supported Chakin, and wished to march to Eriador and liberate Rohan along the way. With Chellon also supporting the idea, Pallando caved in and accepted the proposal, before storming out in anger. Eomer told Mageth that he would stay in Gondor to rule Minas Tirith while Faramir ruled Osgiliath, and so that he could see Eowyn once more, as it was believed that she missing somewhere in Gondor. As Mageth and Chellon were talking after Eomer left, Bolin thundered inside, informing them that King Thorin had decided to march over the High Pass and attack Kashaka's forces. With his hope renewed, Mageth decided to march quicker and sooner.

Before the Alliance set off, Mageth discovered galvorn inside a cave created by early Men in the mountains before the Numenoreans built the city. He used it to make armour for Bolin and Chellon, and soon set off with the Alliance, riding at it's helm. For a day, the army marched towards the north-west and Rohan, before making camp in abandoned farmland south of Nindalf. Mageth realized that the farms may hold secrets to the whereabouts of Kashaka, and went to investigate with Elrohir and Domund, a representative of Eomer. Inside they found a woman with golden hair, who turned out to be none other than Eowyn. She was bruised and cut, her face was tired and she had severe memory loss. Mageth knew it was Kashaka's work. Eowyn could only speak Rohirric and only remembered significant people, such as Mageth, Eomer and Aragorn. Mageth commanded that Eowyn should be taken to Chellon, who could speak Rohirric and look after her for the time being, while he looked for more clues inside the farmhouse with Domund.

Finding a passage that led underground, the pair discovered a small, dark room, where they found Eowold, the personal bodyguard of Eowyn who was dying. With his last breaths, Eowold told them that Kashaka was responsible, just before darkness covered the room. After some shuffling, the torches relit, revealing the body of Domund, a knife impaled in his neck. Kashaka herself appeared, taunting Mageth. After failing to hit her, Mageth used Vanyarin magic, causing her to flee, though no harm was done to her. Returning from the house, he found Bolin waiting for him, noticing that Mageth had become quickly exhausted from using the magic. Bolin correctly guessed that Kashaka was responsible for what had happened, before he left Mageth alone. Mageth looked in to the sky and gave a prayer to Varda. Seconds later, the clouds started to dissipate, and the stars glowed brighter than ever. The Ainur was listening.

Returning to the NorthEdit

After liberating Edoras and finding Prince Eldarion, Mageth travelled with Thorondor and Radagast to Isengard, to see if Treebeard remained alive. Finding the Ent saddened and horrified by another war, Thorondor told the Ent that they were brothers under the Valar, and his time to join the other Ents had come. Treebeard said farewell, before going into the forest, and never returning.

Finding Tharbad untouched by Kashaka but suffering from the lack of trade caused by the invasion, Mageth learned from one of Gwaihir's scouts that Bree had been taken back by Hobbits, Dunedain and the Rangers of Lindon. Amazed, he went northwards with Thorondor and reunited with Cendrolom. The Alliance also came, with the leaders (including the Istari, Faramir, Eomer and Giniriel) also coming. Setting up camp around Bree, the war entered it's final phase.

Personality and characteristicsEdit

"I am a soldier, not a nobleman."

- Mageth to Elrond during a meeting of what would become the White Council. Mageth grew up as a light hearted Elf, feeling quite optimistic even during the Rebellion of the Noldor, as it gave him a chance to return to Middle-Earth. However, as he grew older and matured more, he noticed that things were not always blissful and nice as he first thought in Valinor, and become much more nihilistic and pessimistic. He also became seclusive, especially during the end of the First Age, as his Vanyar blood made him feel different from the other Eldar.

Mageth was an incredibly tall Elf (taller than most of the Noldor and the Vanyar) at around 7ft and had a fairly muscular build. He had blue eyes and was unique among the Vanyar to have dark brown hair, like his mother and sister. He was known to have a fair Elvish complexion, although his skin wasn't as pale as other Elves, looking more like that of a Man. He wore his galvorn armour and black cloak almost all the time, and was very reluctant to seperate from his prized sword or his mallorn bow, which he had customly painted black. This had caused problems in the past, especially in Erebor where he fell out with the door guards to the King, as no weapons were allowed inside the King's chamber. King Dain was forced to stop the argument himself, before letting Mageth enter the chamber with his weapons.

Mageth was a master with a bow and arrow, and was equally skilled with a sword, which he normally used with a single hand so that he could equip his knife, an arrow or another sword in his other hand. Due to it being a bastard sword, he sometimes equipped the sword with both hands, allowing for more powerful swings, although he wasn't used to this kind of sword play.

Young Mageth

Mageth in his youth.

As Mageth lived with the Dunedain over hundreds of years, he started to speak more and more like them. While his accent was still that of a Vanyarin Elf, he spoke the words and phrases of a Human. However, he still knew both the Sindarin and Quenya tongues fluently, along with Khuzdul, Adunaic (the language of the Numenoreans) and Rohirric. Mageth was also able to write in Cirth, Tengwar and even the runes of Hobbits, learning Cirth and the latter from the Dunedain. In return, he taught the Dunedain how to write in Tengwar and how to speak basic Quenya and Sindarin.

Due to his Vanyarin background and being half-Maia, Mageth was not only incredibly intelligent but also very strong-willed, being able to resist the magic and enchantments of even the most powerful of dark magics. Not only this, but he was known to be a skilled healer and even posessed some magic from his father, as shown when he broke Kashaka's spell over Chellon. How far this magic extends is unknown, most likely because Mageth has not tried to harness it in the past to do anything other than healing.


"The Eldar are not so easily corrupted, servant of shadow!"

Mageth to one of Kashaka's thralls.

"You will be free from shadow once more, comrade. Aiya elenion ancalima! Gilthoniel, A Elbereth!"

Mageth freeing Chellon's spirit from Kashaka's control.

"I am no man, but a Servant of Ankar!"

"Then that makes you my enemy, and my enemies do not tend to live long!"

Mageth to one of Kashaka's generals, shortly before killing him.

"There is also no need to be nervous: I will not harm you, nor will my friend here. Trust me, he wouldn't try to harm you if he wasn't such an idiot."

Mageth to Giniriel when first meeting her, after Bolin almost hit her with a spear.

"The rain is starting to anger me."

"Master Dwarf, if you find that the rain angers you so, it would be wise to turn back, as there are much more dangerous perils along the way than your trousers becoming damp." 

Mageth's response to Bolin during their journey south.

"You are soldiers of the king: your job is to protect this land and it's people!"

Mageth to the Tharbad town guards, who had retreated to the main gate during an attack by brigands.

"I will not argue with you, Lord of Ithilien, as it is your decision, but I will warn you: if we fail, there will be no one to protect you when Kashaka returns with a Silmaril in her hand and our heads in sacks!"

- Mageth giving a cold reminder to Legolas before his departure from Ithilien.

"Make as much noise as you can. Sound the horns, clash spear with shield and beat the drums until their ears bleed!"

- Mageth during the Battle of the Dust.

"King Thranduil is busy at this moment-"

"He isn't busy enough to ignore me!"

- Mageth to one of King Thranduil's advisors.

"Rally your soldiers for war if you wish to survive, Thorin son of Dain. If you do not, your pride and arrogance will lead to the fall of this kingdom! I am going to Thranduil to ask for his aid: it will be a sorry day when someone is more arrogant than King Thranduil!"

- Mageth to King Thorin III Stonehelm before the former's departure from Erebor.


Mageth leaving Tinnudir as he travels to Rohan.

"No one insults the King in such a manner!" 

"He is not my King."

- Mageth to one of King Thorin's guards.

“Whatever my people say, I will say this, at least: I am sorry for the death of your father, and I wish for no hatred to spawn between our peoples.”

Mageth to Amrod after learning of Feanor's death.

Quotes about MagethEdit

"Mageth must have killed a hundred men and he didn't get dust on his cloak!"

- Chellon on Mageth's skill in combat.

“Your brother is one of the finest people I have met. He was a friend of my father, and his father, and all of the Chieftains of the Dunedain, and even some Kings of Arnor. And yet behind his skill in battle, he holds much intelligence. Such wisdom and morality that even some legends of the Elder Days can be rivalled by.”

- Aragorn describing Mageth, one of his closest friends.

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