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Maethoriel Vaeriliel
Biographical Information
Other namesYendësirya ( Daughter of the River ) Mirëtâri ( Jewel Queen )
TitlesPrincess of Ailinosto, Later called first High Queen of Ñoldor
PositionPrincess of Mirkwood
LocationAilinosto before the war- Woodland Realm, Mirkwood
AffiliationÑoldor and Teleri
LanguageQuenya, Sindarin and Sylvan Elvish
BirthTA 240
Audulë, Ailinosto
Sailed westFO 121 (2902 Years old )
The Grey Havens
Notable forEscaping from Mordor after being captive for hundred years
HouseHouse of Vaeril
ParentageVaeril and Caladwen
SiblingsVehiron, Valaina, Maidhion, Maldor, Manwë
SpouseLegolas Greenleaf
ChildrenFinris ( bastard ), Finror, Ithilwen
Physical Description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorEmerald Green
WeaponryClaymores and swords, Elainya

Legolas and Maethoriels wedding in Mirkwood


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