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Madrig was a ranger who became close friends with many Elves in Rivendell and later provided a great aid to one.


Madrig was the illegitamate son of Rebecca, the daughter of a rich aristocrat, and Merthis, a brave hunter who remained connected with his son for the rest of his life. Madrig and Merthis were very close.

Being a SeekerEdit

Madrig was chosen by Círdan the Shipwright to search for his missing Ring of power. Madrig was one of the few Seekers who showed any sign of care to another Seeker, Elrohir. Madrig sought the Ring for several weeks and eventually dueled with Aradis, another Seeker. Aradis then possesed Madrig to send Madrig to kill another Seeker named Galbatoras.

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