Biographical Information
AffiliationIthilien Rangers
Date of birthLate-Third Age
Date of deathEarly-Fourth Age
WeaponrySword and Bow
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
Eye colorGrey
Skin colorLight
SiblingsTwo unnamed siblings
SpouseUnnamed wife
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
VoiceGodfrey Kenton

Mablung was a Ranger of Ithilien during the War of the Ring, and was one of the most trusted of Faramir's men.


Throughout the Third Age, Mablung and his family lived in Ithilien before it was overrun by the forces of Sauron. After his parents were slain by Orcs, Mablung and the rest of his family were forced to take refuge in Blackroot Vale which was ruled Lord Duinhir, who was also an Ranger of Ithilien. While his brothers continued to defend Gondor in every location of the region, Mablung was given a place among the Rangers of Ithilien, Denethor's most trusted forayers.

In the TA 3003, Mablung, along with Damrod, Anborn and several other Ithilien Rangers, served under the Steward's second son, Faramir. They were sent to intercept a troop of Southrons in March T.A. 3019, and there, they came across Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. While standing guard over Faramir's guest with Damrod, he briefly conversed with them. Faramir, in the meantime, went on to ambush the Haradrim. Mablung and Damrod remained the guards of the Ring-bearer during their short stay at Henneth Annûn.

Returning to Osgiliath, Mablung was among the Rangers that were forced to defend the city from an army of 10,000 Orcs that were crossing the Anduin River. Mablung proved himself useful with a bow, and shot a number of Orcs that were passing through the city. Realizing that there were too many, Mablung was the first to get on his horse and rode back to Minas Tirith with hundreds of survivors that fled from the Second Battle of Osgiliath.

With his Lord injured, Mablung and Duinhir commanded the Ithilien Rangers during the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and were ordered by Gandalf to defend in different spots of the city. Mablung managed to survive the heavy battle, and helped secure the wounded to the House of Healing. When the Host of the West marched on the Morannon, Mablung and his troops discovered an ambush by Orcs and Easterlings that lay hid in Ithilien. The ambush was quickly turned.


Mablung was named after Mablung of the Heavy Hand, a great Hunter of Doriath. Mab means "hand", while lung means "heavy".

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