Móg standing on a rock before the battle started

g was an uruk-captain of Isengard. He fought in the battle of Amon Hen, as soon as Lurtz died, Móg ran away. Later, he arrived at Orthank and he was ordered by Saruman to lead an army of Uruk-hai to march towards Helm's Deep where the people of Rohan have taken refuge. Upon arriving to the fortress at around nightfall, he lacked the unique helmet worn by other Uruk-hai commanders however, so it can be assumed he was a normal warrior. He stands on a huge boulder and roars, ordering the others to attack the fortress. After the first death of an Uruk-hai soldier, he stood on a rock without a helm roared at the host, meaning to attack the fortress. He leaped down from the rock and joined the charge, but was killed as soon as the Rohirrim archers started firing their arrows, killing him and many uruks that were reaching the fortress.

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