Lossindil 2


Biographical information

Other names
Lover of Roses Guardian of Life
Date of birth
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
Valinor, Beleriand, Edhelion
magical roses

Physical description

Ainur, Noldor
Hair color
Brown long
Eye color

Lossindil is one of Nienna's and Yavanna's servants and Maia of Love. His spouse became Marillen and his daughter was Calwen. Together with his spouse became lord and guardian of Edhelion.

He is sometimes known as Guardian of Life because the most children are born from love of two people. His true duty is to spread love into hearts of everyone. He cannot hate anyone or be angry because of nature of his power. 

History Edit

He was born in Ainulindale as spirit of Eru's love. He was known for his magical roses. Lossindil came on Arda and became servant of Yavanna, because of his love for flowers, especially roses. He loved traveling across green fields of Beleriand and became its protector.

In the end of Years of the Trees, he met Marillen in Beleriand and fell in love with her. They became married and were asked by Círdan to build a refuge in Ered Luin for elves. They build a region Edhelion and became its guardians. Later he gave born to daughter Calwen and after burn of Edhelion, he and Marillen leave Middle-earth and return into Valinor.

Same as Marillen, most right theory is, that he never see his daughter again.

Names Edit

Lossindil - come from Quenyarin lotse - flower a indil - flower.

Narwe - root of this name is narwa - red. This name come from his red cape and fact, that he loves roses.

Trivia Edit

  • His roses have power to bring love and one of them was given to Finwe after fading of his first wife.
  • His powers are around feelings, he was able to strengthern love between lovers or renew love inside of dark hears.

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