Lily Goodbody
Lily Goodbody
Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2852
Date of deathTA 2942
Physical Description
CultureHarfoots (Shire-hobbits)
Hair colorRed, later gray
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorLight
FamilyBaggins family/Goodbody family
ParentageBalbo and Berylla
SiblingsMungo, Pansy, Ponto Baggins II and Largo
SpouseTogo Goodbody
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Lily Goodbody, born Lily Baggins, was a female Hobbit of the Shire.


Lily was the fifth and youngest child of Balbo Baggins and Berylla Boffin. When she turned 10, she made her first encounter with Gandalf. Lily was very fond with Gandalf's fireworks. She had four older siblings named Pansy, Ponto, Mungo, and Largo Baggins, who she really loved. Later in TA 2900, Lily married Togo Goodbody and changed her last name from Baggins to Goodbody. Sadly, she never had children, but she lived throughout her life during the Third Age. In the year TA 2912, after turning 60, Lily hid in her house in fear when Goblins were invading the Shire. After the Battle of the Shire was over, Lily mourned the lost of her husband, who was among the slain.

In TA 2941, Lily was already 89 years old and she was seen in the market where she was searching for things to help support her health. She passed Bilbo Baggins after the young hobbit made his first encounter with Gandalf the Grey. After Bilbo left the Shire to join with a company of Dwarves, Lily decided to look after his grandson's house for a couple of months, but since he never returned, she decided that it was time to sell the house. She was present at the option when she witnessed her grandson, who has returned from his long journey to the east. A year later, Lily was already 90 years old when her illness started to grow worse. Bilbo decided to look after her since she looked after his house. However, Lily passed away in her sleep and would be buried right next to Bag End.


A lily is a plant of the lilium genus, or to visually similar plants. It derives from Greek λείριον through Latin, ultimately of ancient Egyptian origin.

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