Largo Baggins
Biographical Information
Date of birthSeptember 12, 2860 3A
Date of deathSeptember 14, 2912 3A
Physical Description
FamilyBaggins family
ParentageBalbo & Berylla Baggins
SiblingsMungo, Pansy, and Ponto
SpouseTanta Baggins
ChildrenFosco Baggins
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Largo Baggins was considered to be one of the tallest and handsome Hobbits in the Shire.


Largo Baggins was born on September 12 by Shire Reckoning, in the year 2860 3A of the Third Age. In Hobbiton, he and his siblings assisted Bungo in constructing a spacious and luxurious Hobbit-hole for Belladonna, which they named Bag End. After that, he married Tanta, a member of the Hornblower family. Sometimes in Bag End, Largo and his wife would spend time with their nephew Bilbo Baggins, who was quite curious and eager for news of the outside world. Largo and Tanta decided to take Bilbo on a short adventure from outside the borders of the Shire, but Mungo and Belladonna forbid that.

After his wife gave birth to Fosco in 2904 3A and died from childbirth, Largo was depressed, but spend several years with his son until he soon died on September 14, 2912 3A, two days after his birthday.

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