And so the Fourth Age has begun, and the armies of Mordor, are not finished yet. The destruction of the One Ring caused an upheaval in Mordor, and, the dark armies arose under a new leader... Gothmog, the high Chieftain General of the Balrogs, but there is a darkness, darker than any ever imaginable behind it all, one that should be gone forever, and it is believed to be the signs of an early apocalypse. And one unlikely man, may hold the answers, and solutions to this coming of the end of days.

Also Known As

The Fourth Age Edit

Arador Ambrosius was a knight who fought in the 3rd Age. In the 4th Age, he is now a peasant farmer, but he remembers his days as a soldier. When King Sador Telcontar was assassinated, a shadow fell over Middle-Earth. Another age of war was coming, and little did Arador know, he was going to be the catalyst. On October 9th, Arador was told about the King's assassination, as were all that were in service to the King of Men. They found out who had assassinated him aswell... an Orc Bowman. The Orc's body was put on display after he was interrogated, and the Knights of the King were allied once more, to set off to find and destroy the source of this. The Orc provided little information, all they knew is that they were allied under a new leader, not Sauron, but the Orc said Sauron would return. Arador's family was killed by the Orcs, and he vied to destroy them at their core. The Orc had also said something about a "stone", a "Stone of Arda". Soon it all added up, Arador had peiced it together... Sauron was trying to return, and whatever this stone was... Sauron was trying to use it to return.

Journey to Mordor Edit

The Knights of the King were an army of knights that were sworn to protect the King. Some of them were even Elves. Arador made friends with an Elven Assassin named Ferrin, and a Noble Knight by the name of Royan. The three of them journeyed with the Knights to Mordor, however, little did they know, there was an army of Orcs, Trolls, and even Dragons between them, and the Orcs were being lead by their High Chieftainess, Adrogna. They met up with a lonely Marauder. Her name was Ofelia, and she claimed her party had been killed by Orcs up the road. Little did they know, Ofelia was a powerful Warrior, who possessed more ability than they could imagine.