Lúthien Erchamion
Lúthien Erchamion portrayed by Lena Headey

Lúthien Erchamion

Biographical information

Other names
Lúthien Tinúviel
Princess of Doriath
Date of birth
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled

Physical description

10 ft
Hair color
Eye color

Lúthien Erchamion, born Lúthien Tinúviel, was a Grey elf Maiden of Doriath, the wife of Beren Erchamion, and the most beautiful and tallest of all elves.


Daughter of Elu and Melian Thingol, Lúthien lived as all the Elves of Doriath did: in a state of perfect blissful peace. Like all elves, she was a woman of beauty and grace, with blond hair, sparkling green eyes, luminous skin, and a clear heartbreakingly lovely voice that was said to cause winter to melt into spring. She also often enjoyed dancing in the woods of the realm to the music of her good friend Daeron's flute. He himself soon came to love her jealously, but she did not return it.

She was first Elven woman to have fallen in love and married a mortal man named Beren Erchamion from the House of Bëor whom she met in the woods of Doriath. She was not only the cherished daughter of the most powerful Elven King in Beleriand, but also the daughter of a Maiar, a powerful angelic being of the race of the Ainur.

Thingol was desperate not to let Beren marry his daughter, and set an impossible task as the bride price: Beren had to bring to Thingol one of the Silmarils from Morgoth's iron crown. Against monstrous odds, including kidnap by the Sons of Fëanor and the death of Finrod Felagund, as well as a confrontation with Sauron, the couple achieved the task, with help from Huan, the Hound of Valinor, but Beren dies as soon as it is completed. In grief, Lúthien laid down and died after this event, going to the Halls of Mandos.

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