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The Kingdom of Silentium was a kingdom of men in the on Hemabrhim Island in the Quiet Ocean. It was bordered by the Republic of Northern Hemabrhim to the North, The Disputed Lands of Hemabrhim to the East and the Kingdom of Lessan. Its capital was Bitra.

The kingdom was founded after a group of men from a unknown kingdom on middle-earth discovered the island while discovering. They soon abandoned their old kingdom and began creating their own kingdom. The men got the allegiance of the local men who had been living there for many years and its is said they moved a entire town of men from middle-earth to the new Kingdom. Over many years the Kingdom grew expanding its borders into unclaimed territory

The first recorded King is said to be Darkronos and the current king is unknown as the bloodline has been lost and a Council of Ministers has been set up to rule the Kingdom.

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