Kingdom of Rhún
Name: Kingdom of Rhún.
Territory: Rhún, Dagorlad, Lithlad (North-East Mordor).
Religon: Black Serpent
Capital City: Lorogaram
Leader: Lorgan 11 BWOTR - 23 AWOTR

• Sauron 1 BWOTR - 3 AWOTR

• Witch-King of Angmar 1 BWOTR - 3 AWOTR

• Zamir 23 AWOTR - 55 AWOTR

Conflicts: • War of the Ring

War of Mordor

Goverment Type: Labory
Alignment : Evil
Allies: • Mordor

• Isengard

• Harad

• Khand

• Umbar

• Mordor Remnant

• Isengard Remnant

Enemies: • Gondor

• Southern Fiefdoms

• Rohan

• Elves

• Dwarves

• Arnor


Rank Image Description
Soldier EasterlingSpear

The soldiers are standard Easterling forces either armed with Sword and Shield or with Spears. Usually they are backed

up by Easterling Archers and Lancers.


Archer EasterlungArcher

The Archers are the common Ranger unit within the Easterlings, usually armed with shortbows. The archers usually back up the Easterling front soldiers like Spearmen and Warriors.

Lancer EasterLancer

Lancers, as well called Spear Throwers, usually support the Front Line units, the Lancers are overall weaker then the Archers, but cheaper to arm.

Assassin EasterAssassin

The Easterling Assassins are those who swore loyalty to the Chieftain, and dedicates their life to assassinating enemy key targets.

Rhún Champion Rhún Champ

The Champions are among the strongest soldiers in the Easterling Army, usually set to defend the borders, but as offense as well.

Kataphrakts EasterlingKataphrakt

The Easterling Kataphrakts, called the Cavalry by most Human Fiefdoms, are heavy cavalry specially recruited for the Rhúnlings. The Katahrakts are a dangerous group of soldiers to face.

Wain Riders Wain

Wain Riders, Patriots driven by horses, and Easterlings firing from the hood. The Wain Riders are Elite Soldiers of Rhún, as well of Harad, the Easterlings and Southrons share the Wain Rider with each other.

Chieftain Easter Chief

The Chieftain is the leader of the Easterlings on the field, in order of the Overlord.

Overlord Easterling Overlord

The Overlord is the ultimate and infinite leader of the Rhúnlings.


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Lord of the Rings Tolkien's Novels

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth I, II and ROTWK. (Part of Mordor)

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II: Battle of Arda

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