Kingdom of Arthedain
Heraldry: Arthedain
Capital: Annúminás
Population: 1,5 million
Ethnic structure 51% Dúnedain,33% Eriedain ,4% Breefolk,3% Baranduinim,3% Cardolanrim,1% Elves,1% Others
Major cities. Fornost Erain, Bree,
Languages: Westron, Sindarin
Type Feudal monarchy of the North-Dúnedain
Region Western Eriador

The kingdom of Arthedain controls western Eriador, from the Baranduin delta to Forochel.


Arthedain means roughly-realm of the Edain.


Constituent statesEdit

  • Dor Erain
    • Annúminás
    • Nenuial
    • Emyn Uial
    • Siragale
    • Emyn Beraid
    • Harlhún
    • Nan Lhún
    • Fornúmen
    • Forrómen
    • Úvethlad
    • Nan Erain
    • Fornost Erain
    • Emyn Súl
    • Brii
    • Baranduin
  • Tarmear
  • Eketyar
  • Orromenyar
  • Hyarromenyar
  • Noirinanyar
  • Formenyar
  • Emenyar
  • Egenyar
  • Celephyar
  • Oronyar
  • Belethyar
  • Brethyar
  • Mendriyar.


The Dúnedain settle mostly in Annúminás and the region of Nenuial and Fornost, also in the Emyn Súl. The largest concentration of Eriedain population can be found in northwestern Arthedain- the Lune valley and Fornúmen.Living in the countryside, the Eriedain are the mostly settled farmers. The Breefolk are a people of merchants, who seldom go to war.There are at least 10 Breemen ich each city of eastern and southern Arthedain.The Cardolanrim live peacufully with their Eriedain brethren and mostly on the southern borders.. The Baranduin rivermen live mostly in Egenyar. They sparsely travel far and seldom go to war.They are a primitive people, the last of the sort in Arthedain.

The Elves live mostly along the western borders and in the woods of Mendriyar and Celephyar.

The Dwarves were settled by the Arthadanic kings to forge their weapons.

The Lossoth live along the northern borders,without being disturbed.

Geography and Sites of InterestEdit




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