Sidry Sohan
King Sidry III
Sidry on the throne
Sidry Sohan
Also Known As
The worst King ever existed
The King
80-100 Years
Rupert Degus (Video Game)

"I, King Sidry III dedicate war on the Dwarves and Elves"

- Sidry dediacting war 

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Sindry's past but it is obvious that he is the relative of King Aragorn II and next in line for the throne

Assassination of AragornEdit

Sidry was jealous of Aragorn and wanted the throne before his son did so he ordered an assassination on Aragorn. After Aragorn was assassinated in his sleep, Sidry was made King.

Declaring WarEdit

It was clear from the start that Sidry wasn't fit to be king because of his ways he was selfish and rude and corrupted and did not agree with people who did not see his ways and declared war on the Dwarves and Elves which led to a Civil War.

Life during the warEdit

After of hearing how his soldiers were losing the war, Sidry decided to participate in the war himself, he spent many months fighting the Dwarves and Elves


By the time Mermiach and the 5 Elves arrived Mermiach tried to negotiate but Sidry laughs and calls Mermiach a pathetic Hobbit and will die and restarted the battle, he killed many soldiers including Eärendur Eärfalas which led to Mermiach impaling Sidry through the heart.

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