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King Chadmire III was a king of a small kingdom of men in middle earth.He was a minor wraith that preferred to be called a nazgul due to his origin and served Sakos Flamefist in the Third Age.


Chadmire was turned into a Nazgul after being stabbed by one of the Nine.Sakos Flamefist saw his chance and used a strange spell to make Chadmire his personal Nazgul.Chadmire was often used by Sakos as a gateway to the Wraithworld and pull forth things from it.Chadmire and Ixa Stormblade struck up a friendship as both had lived in the Second Age and hated Gondor with a passion.Sakos enchanted his horse to be able to turn into a Pegasus at command and gave him his iconic flaming sword for their war on Aragas.He also gave Chadmire the sword Horse-Cutter to wield as Ixa's current state prevented him from doing so.


The king after being turned into a Nazgul

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