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T.A. 1432


T.A. 1447




Victory for the Line of Eldacar

  • Gondorian Loyalists
  • Kingdom of Rhovanion
  • Gondorian Traditionalist League
  • Kingdoms of Haradwaith
  • Kingdoms of Rhûn
  • Eldacar
  • Castamir
  • Khagan Kundaj IV Itakh of Khand
  • Lord Angarak Miraluos of Near Harad

The Kin-strife (1432–1448) was a series of disastrous civil wars for the throne of Gondor, fought between supporters of two rival branches of the Royal House: the houses of Calimehtar and Minalcar. The first civil war (1432–1437) pitted the supporters of King Eldacar against the Council of Gondor, while the second war (1447–1448) saw fighting between supporters of King Castamir and supporters of Eldacar. The Kin-strife ended with Eldacar's victory at the Siege of Pelargir on 3 September 1448.

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