Khand Banner
Background information
Type Khaganate
Location East of Near Harad
Realms Upper Khand, Lower Khand, Núrn
Capital Sturlurtsa Khand
Founded/Built Some time in the Second Age
Ruler Khagan of Khand
Other Information
Other names Lands of the Variags
Inhabitants Variags, Núriags
Spoken languages Varadja/Khandish
Lifespan Some time in the Second Age-

The land of Khand prosper with trade and new discoveries. It physically separates the lands of Rhûn and the Hither Lands allowing it to gain large sums of money from toll roads. Khand's trade with far-away realms has brought many exotic fruits as well as spices and silk to its people, of which rarely venture outside of its boarders for anything besides war and conquest.

History Edit

During the Kin-Strife, Khand was an ally of the lands of Harad and Castamiri Gondor and increased trade with said realms. Khand also, under the orders of Castamir, invaded the northern lands of Núrn such as Gorgoroth and Udûn and controlled the lands collectively known as Mordor. Because of this, the Variag hordes were able to capture the Morannon, previously held by Eldacar supporters, thereby lessening any chance that Eldacari soldiers can gain entry to the lands of Mordor and attack Minas Ithil from the east, of which was the last major settlement held by the Line of Eldacar in Gondor.

When Eldacar returned from Rhovanion the Black Gate was recaptured and the Variag forces were pushed back to the sea of Núrn allowing Gorgoroth to remain part of Gondor.

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