"A damn good rider he is, but a terrible fighter. The man couldn't hold a spear if it was stuck in his hand!"
Faramir describing Jeden.

Jeden was one of the Rohirrim and the personal courier of King Eomer. Jeden was known to be an excellent rider, being able to ride faster than any other man of the Mark. However, he was terrible in combat, whether he was on or off a horse. He was rumoured to faint at the sight of blood, although this may have just been an insult by the Rohirrim.

Before the Fourth AgeEdit

Jeden was only a child during the War of the Ring, living in Edoras when Gandalf the White came to heal King Theoden and banish Grima Wormtongue. He travelled to Helms Deep with the rest of the people of Rohan for protection, and moved back to Edoras, where he stayed for the duration of the War.

The King's CourierEdit

After the War of the Ring, Jeden became a courier for the Rohirrim, and soon made himself out to be a very skilled rider, even at the young age of 18. Seeing this, King Eomer appointed Jeden as his personal courier, and Jeden soon started travelling as far as Enedwaith and Gondor. During this time, he became well known to the people of Gondor, and the Steward, Faramir, became a close colleague of Jeden.

Jeden was on a courier mission in Pelargir when Kashaka took control of Gondor and marched into Rohan. Jeden fled westward, but soon went towards Rohan once more in order to find the King. Discovering him in Isengard, Jeden was told to head back south in the hopes of finding aid. When he came to Minas Tirith, he was greeted by Thorondor, King of all Eagles, who had been commanded to meet with Jeden by Mageth. After learning who Jeden was, Thorondor allowed the rider to enter the city, where Jeden told the leaders of the Alliance that King Eomer was still alive and that he needed help.


Jeden was quite excitable, and almost fell off his horse when he first saw Thorondor, who wad the wingspan of a ten story building and a head bigger than Jeden's horse. However, Jeden was still serious, and was incredibly persistant in his job. He was known to be a fantastic rider, and many said that he was a better rider than the King himself. Jeden was also fiercly loyal to his King and his fellow riders, as was shown by his panicked state when he arrived at Minas Tirith to tell the Alliance that Eomer was in danger.

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