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Isildur the Hero (ItH) is a alternative timeline in which Isildur manages to destroy the One Ring.Sauron becomes just a mortal king and founds the Kingdom of Lithui .


End of the Second AgeEdit

3119 - Birth of Elendil

3154- Birth of Ulmondil  of Elendil 3205- Birth of Ilmandur, son of Ulmondil

3301 Ilmandur founds Vinyador between the Gwalthó and Andrast.

3441 - Elendil and Ulmondil face Sauron in hand to hand combat, but they themselves perish; Isildur takes the shards of his father's sword Narsil and cuts the One Ring from Sauron's finger.He destroys the Ring. Sauron becomes mortal. In the aftermath of the War, many Elves of Gil-galad's following depart to Valinor: end of the Noldorin realms in Middle-earth.

Third AgeEdit

1- Gil-galad returns to Lindon.He refounds the kingdom of Eregion.

2- King Isildur DOESNT die at Gladden fields. He comes to Annúminás and becomes a mighty king.

5- Anárion conquers Umbar.

25- Ilmandur builds the city of Lond angren.

150- War between Meneldil of Gondor and Ilmandurion of Vinyador. Ilmandurion captures Angrenost.

180- Gondor conquers Andrast.

250- Foundation of kingdom of Rhovanion

273- Foundation of Dale.

381- Gondor reconquers the pass of Calenardhon and Angrenost.

463- Battle for Tharbad between Vinyador and the combined armies of Arnor and Eregion. Vinyadorian defeat.

501- Gondor conquers Harondor,Dor Rhúnen,and Rhovanion as far as the river Gladden.

505- Easterling attack on Gondor.Asdriag tribes defeat the guards in Dor Rhúnen.

506. The Haradrim conquer Umbar.

510- Battle on the Harnen. Haradrim victory.

512.- Battle on the Anduin banks. Harado-Rhuniag victory.

515 Sack of Osgiliath.

518- Arnorian soldiers defeat Rhuno-Haradaic armies.

530- Dunleding rebellion.

535- Dunlendings capture Vinyalond. End of Vinyador.

581- Gondor recaptures Agrenost and Harondor.

585- Dor Rhúnen conquered by Gondor.

605 Gondor conquers Umbar.

700- Kingdom of Lithui conquered by Gondor.

750- Mordessar, the 3rd Dark Lord invades Mordor with a few Variag allies.

777- Mordessar conquers the city of Amon Lithuir, the capital of the Kingdom of Lithui.

785 Mordessar conquers Gorgoroth.

791 Gil-Galad sails west. His son Ereinion Tarandil becomes High King.

805-Mordessar conquers Núrn.

831-Bellakar,Gondor and Arnor march upon Mordor.

832- Defeat of the Three Kingdoms.

841 Rhúniags defeat the Dwarves of the Iron Hills.

843 Battle for Rhovanion.Rhuniags defeat the combined armies of Nurukkhizdín ,Dorwinion,Agasha Dag,Rhovanion, Dale, Esgaroth,Erebor, Eryn Lasgalen and Grey mountains.

850 Mordessar creates the Black Stone, a very important object like the One Ring.

901- Mordessar captures Harondor.


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