Kingdom of Rhún
Part of Mordor (Before Dissolvement)
Name: Remnant of Isengard
Territory: Mordor (shared), Isengard.
Religon: Black Lands
Capital City: Mordor, Isengard
Leader: Sauron 10 November 3019

Tûzantar 1 AWOTR

Conflicts: • War of the Ring

War of Mordor

Goverment Type: Labory
Alignment : Evil
Allies: • Mordor

• Harad

• Khand

• Umbar

• Mordor Remnant

• Rhun

Enemies: • Gondor

• Southern Fiefdoms

• Rohan

• Elves

• Dwarves

• Arnor


Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy

Lord of the Rings Tolkien's Novels

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