The Ironfists were one of the Houses of the seven Fathers of the Dwarves in Middle-earth. Presumably, as they do not appear in any of the tales, they lived far to the east in the northern range of the Orocarni mountains where they were paired with the Stiffbeards.


The Ironfists were said to be greedy, xenophobic, and warlike clan. At one point they lived in Mount Gundabad, but a dispute with Durin's Folk over rights to the mountain brought the two clans into conflict. The Ironfists developed a jealous resentment towards the Longbeards and they forcibly seized control of the mountain and occupied it for several hundred years. It wasn't until the reign of King Durin II when a great host from Khazad-dum led by King Durin II himself, marched north to Mount Gundabad to forcibly retake the mountain from their renegade kin. After a siege that lasted many weeks, the Longbeards at last reclaimed Mount Gundabad. The Ironfists were driven from the mountain and they withdrew back to their lands in the east. There would be no further contact beween Durin's Folk and the Ironfists following the end of the conflict. Towards the later part of the Third Age, it is believed that the Ironfists still harbored a grudge towards Durin's Folk.

Notable HousesEdit

Notable DwarvesEdit

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