Iron Hills
Iron Hills
Background information
Type Hill range
Location East of Erebor, north-west of Rhûn
Realms The Kingdom of Durin's Folk
Ruler Lord of the Iron Hills
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Dwarves
Spoken languages Khuzdul

The Iron Hills were a range of great hills in the north-east of Wilderland. The Hills were the source of the river Carnen and rich in iron. It was also home to a Dwarf-realm of the Longbeards. The Iron Hills were rich in iron, but probably not in gold; the Dwarves of the Iron Hills, although prosperous, were not as wealthy as their other cousins.


First AgeEdit

The Iron Hills were part or a remnant of the mountain chain Ered Engrin that formed the Iron Mountains of the First Age. The Hills were mined for thousands of years by the Longbeards, being their primary source for iron above all the rest of their territories. The Dwarf-road of Mirkwood ran north-east to the Hills for the dwarf-traders and merchants between Khazad-dûm and the Hills.

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