High King Ingwe

High King Ingwe, King of the Eldar.

"It is a happy sight to see another child among our people."

- Ingwe commenting on Vidril's birth.

Ingwe, also known as Lord Ingwe or King Ingwe was the High King of the Vanyar and is deemed the High King of Elves by the Valar and Eldar alike. Ingwe was one of the first Elves to awaken in Cuivenen, making him one of the oldest beings in existence.

King of the EldarEdit

Ingwe was the first of all the Elves, and soon became the ruler of a small kindred of Elves, who grew to become the Vanyar. When the Valar Orome came to Cuivenen, Ingwe went with Elwe and Finwe to visit Valinor and it's beauty. He later convinced his people to follow him on the Great Journey, and became the King of the Vanyar.

Ingwe was a close friend of Nidril, a Vanyarin Elf who awoke a matter of minutes after himself. King Ingwe visited Nidril after she gave birth to her first child, Nidril, who would later become Mageth. Ingwe led his people well during the Great Journey, and was even idolized by the Teleri and the Noldor, the latter mostly disliking the Vanyar as a people. Ingwe also led the search for Vidril when he went missing in Ered Luin, and spoke for his people on their arrival to Valinor.

After becoming the High King of the eldar, Ingwe lived in Valinor forever after, residing in the halls of the Vanyar beneath the throne of Manwe. Ingwe was the first of any Elf to denounce the rebellion of the Noldor, and showed visible grief when he discovered that Vidril had left alongside the Noldor. During the War of Wrath, Ingwe never went with his kindred to fight Morgoth, as he was forced to stay in Valinor. It was here that he stayed for eternity, ruling over his people.


Ingwe was thought to be the most noble and honourable of all Elves. He was born to be a leader, and he showed this excellently during the Rebellion of the Noldor and the Great Journey.

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