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Ji Indur Kavahezi (Dawndeath)
Ji Indur Kavahezi (Dawndeath)
Also Known As
The Tainted
Lord of the Sutherwood, Voice of Aslan
2A 2158 - ?
Ma.e, but identified as female
The greatsword Bethos
Liam Hemsworth
Ji Indur was one of the Nine Nazgul. He was the ruler of the lands bordering Mordor in which Sauron had conquered, such as parts of Ithilien. Ji Indur defended his lands against rangers and soldiers, ands once came into close contact with Faramir. He was named the Tainted as he gave himself willingly to Sauron. Originally,he came from Narnia.

Contact with Faramir Edit

On one day of defending Ithilien, Ji Indur encountered the ranger, Faramir. He pursued the man through the Ithilien woods, but the Ranger escaped. Ji Indur swore to claim this Ranger's life in due time.

March 25,3019 Edit

Ji Indur, like his brethren, fought at the Dagor Morannon. Ji Indur then flew to Orodruin after Sam Gamgee killed Gollum. Ji Indur took the ring from Gollum's corpse and delivered it and the new Dark Lord,Frodo Baggins,to Baraddur.

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