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Background information
Location South of Rivendell, bordering the Misty Mountains
Realms Arda
Founded/Built First Age
Ruler House Noqu'ath of Ilythiir (currently Drada of House Noqu'ath)
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Drow
Spoken languages Drow, Common/Westron (rarely)

The City of Ilythiir, is a city that lies a few miles south of Rivendell's southern territories, bordering up to the Misty Mountains. Originally a minor outpost to the Drow Kingdom that lies deep below the Misty Mountains, the City of Ilythiir began growing after the Fall of Sauron and soon developed into a somewhat neutral hot-spot for trading with nearly all races in Eriador. The city itself is built into the Misty Mountains themselves where minerals are gathered from the rock and sent to Ered Luin, trading with the Dwarves other luxury resources that the Drow might be in need of. Currently the city is ruled by House Noqu'ath of Ilythiir, a cadet branch of the original House Noqu'ath hailing from Menzoberranzan.

Layout Edit

Being surrounded to the front by semi-fertile farmland and from the back by the Misty Mountains, Ilythiir is relatively easy to defend. The City itself is surrounded by a ring-wall, curving around the buildings from one side of the Mountains to the other, with several small towers for archers and other ranged weaponry. Within the ring-wall, Ilythiir is divided into the high class- and the low class-citizens, although the only difference between the classes is how high the status of one's House is. A constant cloak of darkness lies over the city, courtesy of the High Priestesses to Lolth, in order to shield the drow that lives in Ilythiir from the damaging sunlight.

History Edit

To be revealed...

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