250 px

Gondor, Rohan


Varied languages

Average height

5'6" and 6'4", 6'4" and 7'

Skin color

"White", Peach, Light Tan, Dark Tan, "Brown", or "Black"

Hair color

Blond, Black, Brown, Red, or any other color


100 or more


Elessar Telcontar, Bard Bowman


Humans, sometimes called Atani, Homo sapiens, or Men, were a race of mortal and sentient beings that lived on Arda.


The Humans that lived on the planet Arda were mostly called Men, in Quenya Atani. They were also called the Usurpers, the Strangers, the inscrutable, the Self-cursed, the Heavyhanded, the Nightfearers and the Children of the Sun. The name Atani became Edain in Sindarin, but this term was later applied only to those Humans, who were friendly to the Elves.

On Earth, the Humans that lived on this planet were sometimes called Homo sapiens, the primate the scientific name for the human species. Homo is the human genus, and sapiens is the only surviving species of the genus Homo.

Groups and alignments on ArdaEdit

Although, all the Humans of Arda were related to one another. There were many different groups with different cultures. The most important group in the tales of the First Age were the Edain. The word Edain refers to all Human Men and Women. The Elves use it to distinguish those Men who fought with them in the First Age against Morgoth in Beleriand from others.


Humans can speak hundreds of different languages. Their heights stand between 5'6" and 6'4", 6'4" and 7. Their skin and hair color is varied.


For their lifespan, humans attend to live for about 80 - 100 years; some attend to live for more than 200 years when they become ageless, but still mortal.

However, the Human Númenóreans and the Dúnedain lived for more than 215 years. When they reach their full and middle adult maturity, they become ageless. At the age of 200, their hair color begins to grow gray, a sign of when their lifetime is about to end in time.

Races related HumansEdit

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