Hugo Bracegirdle

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Hugo Bracegirdle was the son of Bruno Bracegirdle and had a younger sister named Hilda.


Born in 2950 3A, Hugo enjoyed to read books for hours on end. Sometime when the Ruffians took power over the Shire, Hugo was imprisoned along many Hobbits that were planned to be used in slavery. He was among those that rebelled against the Ruffians and fought in the Battle of Bywater against the Ruffians and their leader. However, he was sad that his father Bruno was killed and placed sunflower on his corpse. Over the years, he would read so much he would often borrow books and then forget to return them. Hugo attended Bilbo's Farewell Party on September 12, 3001 3A and enjoyed to dance. When Bilbo left the Shire, he gave Hugo his empty bookcase. Hugo promised Bilbo that he along with several Hobbits would look after Bag End and prevent the Sackville-Baggins from stealing.

Later on, Hugo joined the Shire Company under the leadership of Will Whitfoot. Upon hearing that Frodo was in Rivendell and began to journey to Mordor, Hugo agreed to travel with them since he was quite skilled in Sword fighting. He received a Barrow-blade from the Maiar Tom Bombadil during his journey to the south. As he arrived to Gondor, Hugo witnessed a huge battle taking place. He participated near the end of the battle and slew several orcs that were retreating. The battle was over and Hugo volunteered in gathering the wounded to take back to Minas Tirith.

Hugo later participated in the Battle of Morannon and fought against Sauron's forces to give Frodo a chance to destroy the One Ring. Hugo survived, but was critically injured after the fight. He later attended the coronation where Aragorn was made the King of Gondor. Hugo was very attentive when he returned home and decided to write a book about his adventures in the outside borders of the Shire. Hugo spent several years in writing his book until he wanted to be the first to travel to the Undying Lands with Bilbo and Gandalf. Hugo was quite excited and continued to write his book about how he, along with Frodo and Bilbo, arrived to the western corner of the world. Hugo went on to live in Valinor and continue writing on the places he was. After finishing his book, Hugo decided to give it to Frodo and his family when they were returning to Middle-earth. Hugo decided to stay and lived the rest of his life until he passed away in 75 4A.