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"Perish mortal!


―Hoarmurath's battle-cry
Also Known As

Hoarmurath was the king of Arnor during the Second Age until he was corrupted by his ring of power. His kingdom was conquered by Numenoreans after the death of Isildur and he fled to Angmar. The Witch-King vowed to retake Hoarmurath's kingdom and that year led a huge army into Rhudaur. Although this initial campaign was a success, future campaigns against Arnor ended in failure and Hoarmurath and the Witch King were forced to flee back to Angmar. They were then driven out of Carn Dum by an alliance of Elves and Men. The Nazgul then regrouped in Mordor and turned their sights on Gondor instead of Arnor. They succesfully conquered Minas Ithil and renamed it Minas Morgul. They then began construction on a fortress in the South of Mirkwood. However, the Black Numenorean known only as the Mouth of Sauron oversaw the final construction work. The fortress of Barad-Dur was then rebuilt near Mount Doom and the breeding of orcs in massive numbers was resumed. In the Third Age, Sauron's power began to return and the One Ring attempted to return to him. However, it was found by a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. This name came in very useful when the creature Gollum gave the name Baggins and the location of the Shire to the orcs under torture. This then led to the Nazgul, including Hoarmurath, to go to the Shire to seek out the mysterious Baggins. They eventually reached the Shire and through the inquisitions of Khamul, the second-in-command of the Nazgul, a hobbit with the name of Baggins was travelling East to Crickhollow. The Nazgul followed and cornered a group of hobbits in the woods. Assuming that one of them was Baggins, the Nazgul attacked. The slowest among them had to jump to reach a ferry that would take them to Bree. Hoarmurath almost caught up with this hobbit before faltering as his horse neared the water. Hoarmurath then knocked down the gate to Bree and participated in the assault. He then entered the Prancing Pony and was more angry than the other Nazgul to discover that the hobbits were not there. The Witch King then led the Nazgul outside Bree and made them lie in wait for the hobbits to reappear. They then followed the small band to the abandoned fortress of Amon Sul where the Nazgul had fought before. They then cornered the four hobbits. The Witch King advanced on them. He easily defeated a hobbit that tried to fight him. He then pushed the other two out tof the way. He then pulled out his Morgul knife. The remaining hobbit then put on the ring, thinking that it would hide him from their sight. However, this only confirmed the Nazgul's suspicion that one of the hobbits was Baggins. The hobbit was then stabbed with the Morgul knife. At the same moment, a human lunged at the Nazgul wielding a sword and flaming torch. Hoarmurath was the last to flee, being hit by the flaming torch in the face. He and the other eight Nazgul then pursued the hobbits to Rivendell but were driven back by Glorfindel. The Nine then fled back to Mordor where they were given new steeds. Dragon in shape but bird in species, they inspired fear in everyone but the Nazgul. Hoarmurath was then sent on patrols across Gondor. One day he spotted three small figures traversing the Dead Marshes. Little did he know that the destruction of the One Ring was about to bring his doom.

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