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Background information
Type Kingdom
Location South of Khand, East of the Dune Sea
Capital Naerphys
Founded/Built Sometime in the Second Age
Ruler King of Harshandatt
Other Information
Other names Realm of the Black Leopard
Inhabitants Múranians, Haradrim
Spoken languages Múranian
Lifespan Second Age -

The lands of Harshandatt are the eastern-most point of Haradwaith. The lands, of which is located on a peninsula of the same name, are covered in desert to the south and farmlands to the north. In the deserts of Harshandatt precious minerals can be mined from sandstone mounds.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Harshandatt was a vital ally to that of the other Southron Kingdoms during the Kin-Strife. Though the Múranians didn't aid their western allies with many soldiers, they supplied most of the materials needed for crafting weapons and armor for Near Harad and some areas of Bellakar. This is due to the desert in Harshandatt being a haven for iron, copper and other metals and the lands of Near Harad being almost devoid of these things.

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