Background information
Type Continent
Location South of Gondor and Mordor, West of the Inner Sea
Realms Umbar, Near Harad, Bellakar, Mûmakan, Harshandatt
Other Information
Other names Harad, Haradwaith, The Hither Lands
Inhabitants Haradrim
Spoken languages Languages of the Haradrim

The Continent of Haradwaith was a gigantic landmass south of the Westlands. During the Kin-Strife the realms of the Haradrim were vital allies to the Traditionalist League lead by the Line of Castamir.

History Edit

Haradwaith was first inhabited by men who stayed in Hildórien and traveled south-west. Kingdoms of the Haradrim rose and fell in both the first and second ages, it was not until the Númenóreans colonized the western coast that Harad became a power to be reckoned with.

In the Second Age many Haradrim kingdoms allied with Sauron and sought to invade their Gondorian neighbors, of which they attempted many times.

In T.A. 1435 the Line of Castamir formed an alliance with the lands of Haradwaith and vowed to aid each other in conflicts. Castimir also promised the Haradrim the lands of Harondor when all support for Eldacar is crushed. Many battles in Ithilien saw armies of the Haradrim marching side by side with men of Rhûn and Gondor against Loyalists, of which support Eldacar's claim to the throne.

Realms of the Haradrim Edit

  • Umbar - Home to the Great Coastal Port.
  • Near Harad - Home to many nomadic clans and petty kingdoms united under on banner.
  • Bellakar - Home to many ports and was a haven for trade in Far Harad.
  • Mûmakan - Covered in jungles and home of the Mûmakil.
  • Harshandatt - A land known for its raw materials found under the sandstone hills of the deserts

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