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Gwend-estel Tera
Biographical Information
Other namesCalad-glass/Valcalina (S/Q, fn)
Naegnesteth/Nwalmatuitalë (S/Q, mn)
LanguageSindarin and Westron
BirthT.A. 1
HouseHouse of Finwë
Physical Description
Height5'11" (180 cm)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGray
ClothingWhite robes

Gwend-estel is a Noldorin elf and the wife of Hannamenel. She is among the elves to remain in Middle-earth during the first two centuries of the Fourth Age as she refused to sail to Valinor without her husband, who had yet to complete his aid in the cleanup after the War of the Ring.



Gwend-estel is a cheerful, energetic, and optimistic individual, and is often a source of positive inspiration or reassurance. Some describe that her presence alone is enough to ease physical and emotional pain. During times of war, she is usually one to tend the wounded, although she will take up arms if she must defend herself or those in need of protection. In her spare time, Gwend-estel enjoys singing, and often does so alongside her husband, Hannamenel.


Gwend-estel consists of the Sindarin words gwend ("maiden") and estel ("hope"), with the entire name meaning "maiden of hope." Gwend-estel is her epessë, and is what she is most widely known as.

Her father-name is Calad-glass (from calad = "light" and glass = "joy") in Sindarin and Valcalina ("light of happiness") in Quenya.

Her mother-name is Naegnesteth (from naeg = "pain" and nesteth = "healer") in Sindarin and Nwalmatuitalë (from nwalma = "pain" and tuitalë = "easement") in Quenya.

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