Gralin is a young Dwarf introduced in Frodo's Revenge. He is the son of Gimli and twin brother of Gíli.

Personality and traitsEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Gralin has copper blond hair and green eyes but is in thinner build due to his young age.



  • Gimli:
  • Gíli:
  • Legolas:
  • Frodo Baggins:
  • Mungo Goodchild:


Gralin wields two Dwarven swords for melee and throwing axes for long-ranged attacks. It is implied he has learned some fencing arts from Legolas, a Elven friend of his father.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • "Lord of the Glittering Caves... well, how about that! You do know this fortress that houses these caves was once a battlefield, right?" - Gralin, regarding Helm's Deep


  • Gralin and his brother were created in inspiration of Fíli & Kíli as well as Elladan & Elrohir.
  • Gralin's dual swords are similar in shape to Fíli's blades in The Hobbit.

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