Goblin Mercenaries were Cave Goblins from Goblin-town.


Quest of EreborEdit

In TA 2941, after the death of the Ogrod, more than 16,000 Goblin Mercenaries, with the support of 50 Ogres, from Goblin-town chose to avenge their king and joined Azog's army to lay siege on the Erebor. During the Battle of Twelve Armies, a group of Goblin Mercenaries arrived first at Ravenhill to attack Thórin Oakenshield and Dwálin VII while Fíli and Kíli entered the caves of Ravenhill to search for Azog. The Goblin Mercenaries were easily defeated by Thórin and Dwálin. The last remnants of the Goblin Mercenaries band was killed by the Great Eagles, led by Gwaihir the Windlord.

Battle of Lam NheongEdit

During the Battle of Lam Nheong, a group of 80 Goblin Mercenaries aided the Orcs of Mordor in robbing several chests of ancient Elvish weapons somewhere near Fangorn Forest. While many Orcs and Ruffians were slain and the rest were forced to retreat, the Goblin Mercenaries engaged Elladrien, Maia, Calenglad, and the Strikers, but were all defeated.