High Pass goblins

Misty Mountains

Average height

4 - 5 ft

Skin color

Varied colors

Hair color

Varied colors




Goblins, also known as Gongs, are a race of cruel, wicked, and bad-hearted humanoids that lived deep under the Misty Mountains in many strongholds, ever since the War of Wrath in the First Age. In Eriador, Goblins were also known as Bogies, Boggarts and, especially among the Hobbits, Boggles.


When Melkor was taken in chains to Valinor, the Goblins and other foul creatures were forced to flee from Angband. Their kingdoms spread throughout many mountains of Middle-earth; notable cities include Goblin-town near the High Pass above Rivendell while the Gundabad Orcs have taken their capital at Mount Gundabad. Even though goblins are portrayed as a very barbaric and tribal race their technology seems to be more advanced than other races in Middle-earth.


Goblin weapons include scimitars, axes, and spears, as well as bows. The great goblin-soldiers of Isengard, the fighting Uruk-hai, are distinguished by their use of short, straight swords and long bows of yew.

Types of GoblinsEdit

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