Biographical Information
Other namesThe Father of Dragons, The Great Worm, The Deceiver, The Golden
TitleServant of Melkor, Lieutenant of Morgoth's army
AffiliationMorgoth's Army
Date of birthFirst emerged in FA 260
Date of deathFA 499
WeaponryClaws & Fire
Physical Description
RaceDragon, Wyrm
CultureFire-drakes (Urulóki)
Eye colorYellow-orange
SpouseUnnamed wife
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Glaurung was the first terrestrial, fire-breathing Dragon.


Early yearsEdit

After only a century of brooding and growing in the dark pits of Angband, Glaurung first arrived in Middle-earth in the year FA 260 where he burst from the gates and startled all the races of this world. He was known as the greatest terror of his time, burning and ravaging Ard-galen, the land of the Elves in Hithlum and Dorthonion. However, he was not yet at his full strength, so was driven back by Fingon, the prince of Hithlum at that time, and his archers. Morgoth was displeased with Glaurung for revealing himself before he had grown to full strength, as the Dark Lord of Evil had planned to allow the Dragon to grow to full power before unleashing him.

To Glaurung, this attack was but an adolescent adventure, a youthful testing of strength. Terrible as he was to the Elves, his strength was barely developed, his scale armor still vulnerable to the attack of weapons; this was just a taste of his power.

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