"Gintaina is a hobbit. Obviously. She lives in the Shire. Obviously. But do you know her BIGGEST secret? She helped the fellowship. This is her journey... I will tell you later, when I remember everything she told me.

Wait! Don't go, I remember something, she went with the hobbits... Oh my brain aches! It's as if everytime I try to tell you, my brain hurts. I will send a message to her... Maybe she knows something about overworking brains.

Thanks for not leaving... I remember something. She sensed Gandalf would send a letter to Frodo, she already knew about the ring... And she told him.

Weird. I thought I remembered some thing else... I think she doesn't want you to know. She's very humble, you know, and hardworking, and kind, and Frodo forced Gintaina to tell me! Maybe you know what happened....."..".............."..................

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